1 in 5 children under six years old own a smartphone

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  • 20% of children between the ages of 1 to 6 own a smartphone in the United States
  • 29% of parents spent more than $100 on their 1 to 6-year-old’s smartphone
  • Half of parents agree the most appropriate age for a child to own a phone is between 10 to13 years old
  • 83% say their children spend up to 21 hours per week on their phones
  • 68% of parents have not placed limitations on their children’s smartphones

Decluttr.com surveyed 1007 parents in the U.S. to determine how they deal with their children when it comes to smartphones.

According to the study 20 percent of children between the ages of 1 and 6 own a smartphone. Twenty-nine percent of parents who purchased a phone for their 1 to 6-year-old indicate they spent more than $100 on the phone. Among this group of parents with young children, phones are often used for entertainment, such as playing games and watching videos. As one survey respondent says, “My 2-year-old has her own cell phone because she likes to play games and watch YouTube at daycare.”

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Most parents spend up to $200 on their child’s first phone, with 75 percent of parents opting for a new phone versus a refurbished option. Furthermore, while keeping in touch and safety reign as the top reasons parents purchase phones for their children, most children are receiving new phones from top smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple.

“The costs savings associated with a refurbished phone are substantial,” says Liam Howley, CMO, Decluttr.com, “Especially when considering purchasing a child’s first phone. A refurbished phone cuts cost significantly while also allowing similar capabilities of new phones. A refurbished phone can be traded in for an upgraded version as a child ages and earns additional phone responsibility and privileges.”

According to respondents, the 10- to13-year-old age range is believed to be the most appropriate time for children to have a phone. Parents cite school and social activities as a catalyst for giving phones to their children to ensure safety outside of the home. One parent comments, “I think [10-13] is a good age because they can be old enough for the responsibility but understand they are still being monitored.”

Additional data found that among parents whose children currently have their own phones, 87 percent say their kids spend up to 21 hours per week on their devices. Beyond messaging and calls, kids use their phones to play games (45%) and watch videos (37%).

Seventy-one percent of parents have not capped the amount of time their children spend on their phones, but 76 percent closely monitor it. Moreover, 68 percent say they have not placed any limitations on their children’s phones, with roughly half (47%) allowing internet capabilities to be enabled.

Parents and others are encouraged to visit Decluttr.com to explore cost-friendly refurbished smartphones when considering purchasing a device for their child.

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