5 Best Tech Brand Videos for FIFA World Cup 2014

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FIFA World Cup 2014 is not only a competition event for footballers, but also a battleground for advertisers and marketers. With millions of football fans flocking to get their hands on anything World Cup related online and offline, marketers have the perfect opportunity to reach their audience by riding the World Cup wave. Usually, official sponsors like Nike come up with brilliant video marketing campaigns. This year, however, even tech brands have invested on creative videos in their bid for their audience’s attention. Here are the top tech brand videos that have gone viral during the World Cup.

1. Samsung: #Galaxy 11



Can football save the planet? This 4-part video series by Samsung immerses fans in a thrilling narrative that has football stars battling with aliens in a bid to save the world with the aid of Samsung’s technology. Truly an “out of this world” take on the usual World Cup ads we’ve seen so far.

2. Beats by Dre: The Game Before the Game



Expect to get goosebumps while watching this video, which starts off with a personal, heartfelt moment between football star Neymar and his dad. Beats by Dre succeeded in capturing that moment of vulnerability every football player experiences before a match, showing fans that football gods are human after all.

3. Twitter: Love every second



The World Cup is considered to be the most social sporting event as fans use social media to broadcast anything and everything about the World Cup. Aside from a live match scores dashboard in the site itself, Twitter also created this video to encourage “tweeps” to share very World Cup moment.

4. UC Browser: Don’t Miss this Epic Goal



A gem amidst the big name brands, this video from mobile browser UC Browser garnered over 130,000+ views after only a day. With it’s stunning 3D animation of a squirrel (the brand’s mascot) overcoming adversity to succeed in the World Cup, it’s an inspiring fantasy reminiscent of football superstar Lionel Messi’s story.

5. Sony: One Stadium Series



Unlike the other brands in this list, Sony chose to put football fans in the spotlight, showing how in today’s connected world, we are all in one stadium, without borders. The message is good, but we feel like there’s something lacking in the execution.

Truly, the World Cup has become so big that even brands in unrelated sectors have jumped into the bandwagon to get a share of the pie. With the upcoming finals, it’s exciting to think about what brands will come up with next.