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The 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo (A2/B1), approved by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), opened in spectacular style on Saturday 3rd November. Well over 20,000 people, including over 400 international guests, attended the opening ceremony which was broadcast live on TV throughout the region. Mayor of Taichung, Lin Chia-Lung highlighted the important role that the Expo will play in stimulating a focus on ‘GNP – Green, Nature, People’ which he has made the focus for his city and he thanked AIPH for providing the approval for the Expo.


AIPH Secretary General, Mr. Tim Briercliffe hailed the opening ceremony as a ‘Magnificent spectacle’. Over 1300 performers from around the world provided high energy entertainment for all who were present for an event that highlighted the global importance of city greening.


In his ceremonial speech, AIPH President Mr. Bernard Oosterom encouraged citizens of Taichung to visit the Expo but also went on to say: “I urge citizens of the world to visit this event and learn the lessons of this Expo which matter to every city around the world.”

The event has already attracted more visitors than anticipated and is set to be a huge success. The 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo is titled ‘The Sound of Blooming’ with the theme of ‘Rediscover GNP – Green, Nature, People’. Its 60ha site plays its part in transforming the city into a beautiful green landscape where visitors can experience tranquillity and reconnect with nature. Over eight million people are expected to visit over the course of its sixth months duration.

AIPH, the organisation with international responsibility for approving and monitoring International Horticultural Exhibitions approved the event in 2014 and has since worked diligently with Taichung City Government and its member TFDA Chinese Taipei, to deliver a world-class event. AIPH has also created a ‘Community Garden’ for the Expo, in association with COA, to demonstrate how green spaces in cities improve the environment, social life and health of urban citizens.


The Taichung World Flora Expo, held in Chinese Taipei, runs for six months, until 24th April 2018.  For further information visit

International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH)


Since 1948, AIPH has united horticultural producers in an international community that thrives to this day. Much has changed in that time. Technologies advanced, cities rose from the ground, and we have become more connected than ever. As a result, our essential bond with nature has been weakened. AIPH strives to reignite and uphold an appreciation of plants that we believe is a basic human instinct. We support the work of grower associations globally and together we champion a prosperous industry, growing plants that enhance lives, advance societies and sustain our planet, for this generation and the next.