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Multi-asset firm invests in real estate, hospitality, logistics and technology sectors; sets task to change the face of private equity in the region

Dubai, UAE, 12 November 2017: Berkeley Assets, a multi-asset company with investments in real estate, hospitality, logistics and technology, has established its Middle East and North Africa headquarters in Dubai to drive the strategic growth of business throughout the region.

Berkeley’s portfolio of properties spans multiple sectors and includes existing and new to market assets in some of the world’s most sought after locations, including central, north and west London, New York, and Miami.

To date, Berkeley has secured development finance deals against physical assets predominantly in the UK markets and has set up the Dubai physical office to grow the Berkeley brand throughout the MENA region, provide valuable resources to existing clients, and ultimately managing assets for the medium to long term.

Commenting on the new geographical location, Mike Clark, Partner at Berkeley Assets said: “It is important to have an office in Dubai as this is a key global market and the gateway between East and West, providing vital feedback and market data which we use to identify emerging global trends in our chosen sectors.

“The objectives of the office are clear, create awareness for our brand and search for strong yield potential in assets based locally. This is a key area of focus as the region is growing at a fast pace and offers strong potential income with low levels of taxation, we believe that the region now offers a sufficient level of stability.

“By recognising and understanding ever-changing market trends, such as the need for more flexibility and quicker lending for developers in the UK property market, the increasing demand for social housing or even the latest hospitality trends, our business model ensures that we are able to invest early in order to benefit from higher returns.

“This is a key factor for us in terms of the benefits this has, and our team here is dedicated to making the world of private equity more approachable and easier to access.”

Berkeley invests in both property development projects and bridging and development finance projects.  The aim of the company is to continue to develop a diversified portfolio of existing and new to market concepts and businesses as part of a low-risk, yield-based strategy.

The company, run by a team of British nationals, currently operates more than 150 businesses, helping property developments, hospitality concepts and emerging businesses thrive.   All underlying assets of the business are located in the UK and USA.

Justin Quan, Senior Associate for Berkeley Assets added:  “Private equity is, in its nature, an elusive industry but we want to see that change.  Our mission, first and foremost, is to continue developing a varied portfolio of existing assets and new, innovative concepts.

“We believe that our proven track reinforces our reputation for delivering consistent results in a credible way, and with the dynamic team that we have put together in our Dubai office, we have begun the task of changing the face of private equity in this region.”