BESC does another first of its kind, unveils 40 hour course – Working with GST

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Kolkata June 1st, 2017. The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) will be starting a 40 hour course on Goods and Services Tax (GST) from the 5th of June 2017. The course is open to all students of the college as well as to interested traders and businessmen, who will be provided with a certificate on the successful completion of the course. Coming close on the heels of the 1st July implementation of GST, the course will be a boon of sorts as it will not only lay the maximum amount of stress on the practical aspects of GST, but will also seek to handhold the participants and expose them to the various aspects of the tax , its structures and implications.

The course material has been carefully crafted by a panel of experts drawn from the industry and academic circles who have laid stress on explaining the basic concepts, tenets and working of the new tax regime, with a view towards empowering the students to integrate, as well as help businesses migrate to the new order.

Classes will be held in the morning and conducted by some of the most respected names in the field. The duration of the classes will be about three hours on a daily basis. The course fee has been fixed at INR 2000.

‘As is the practice in BESC, the GST course is set to be off the drawing board and enjoy the prime mover status” said Miraj Shah, the Vice Chairman of BESC. “We expect a huge demand for GST qualified workers in the immediate future – a demand that is only set to rise with the times and it will be our earnest effort to empower our students in this field so that they can be gainfully employed. As a matter of fact, we view this particular 40 hour / 15 day course in GST as the stepping stone into the exciting world, which will lead to specialisations, as we feel that GST in itself will become an unique vertical in our education imparting efforts” said Prof Dilip Shah, the Dean of Student Affairs of the College.

For More information contact:

Ms Sneha Bhambani

The Dean’s Office




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