Black Friday search numbers skyrocket in India

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Google noticed a spike of 61.53% in total from 2014 to 2016


November 2017.Online shoppers who are eagerly waiting to splurge can now do so, with the highly-anticipated Black Friday sale. Happening on the 24th of November, online stores, such as eBay, Flipkart and Amazon India are offering crazy deals storewide. We here at, a dedicated savings platform, looked into the popularity of Black Friday in India for the past years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Here’s what we found-:

How popular are the online stores during Black Friday?



  • The number of searches for the term ‘Black Friday’ increased by 31.56% between November 2014 and November 2015. The following year, the search volume went up another 97%. This means, during the month of November online shoppers are on the lookout for this event.
  • Searches for Amazon India skyrocketed to a total of 103.02% since Black Friday 2014. The search for Books and electronics topped the list of most sought-after items on the site.
  • Indians boosted searches for PayTm, the country’s largest e-commerce website, by 59% in the same duration (2015 to 2016). For the years before (2014 to 2015), the forage for Paytm on Google also saw a spike of 70.96%.

 What to expect this year during Black Friday 2017 (Predictions)


  • Search Volume for Amazon India will go up to 25.7%, this is also because Amazon has a dedicated website for Indians to shop for all sort devices, clothes and books.
  • Popularity of Black Friday will go up to an 28.02% this year. Since there are more than 500 thousand search in the year 2016. With our data Google saw at least a 100 thousand more searches each year making it more likable to surge in search number this year.
  • As for the largest e-commerce website in India, PayTm — don’t be surprised to see a further increase in search via Google. PayTm has become more and more popular and based on our findings we predict that PayTm will have a boost of an extra 14.22 % this year.

With this research and as part of a takeaway, Black Friday is definitely becoming more popular in India. Online retailers in India should take this as an opportunity to push more sales or must have items during Black Friday.

 About the study

The study focuses on the growth of Black Friday through Google search and interest in November 2014, 2015 and November 2016. All numbers were pulled using Google keyword planner and and SimilarWeb by combining searches related to Black Friday and retailers celebrating the event in India.