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Adesina calls for immediate action over deepening crisis of global malnutrition

Des Moines, Iowa, October 20, 2017 – African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina has called for urgent action from stakeholders over the deepening crisis of global malnutrition. Adesina made the call as he joined key nutrition actors, private-sector representatives, policy-makers and thought leaders at the 2017 World Food Prize-Borlaug Dialogue Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa,

10 things to look for in an advertising agency – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

You are looking for an Advertising Agency in Kolkata? God bless you! Go straight to www.azurecom.in and give us a call. We will do the needful. Thank You. Ah! You want to do it the Hard Way? No issues, here’s the easiest of the lot. Just search Google and come up with the names that

The legends of Dhanteras – Pramod Dugar

Legend has it that the son of King Hima was cursed to die, bitten by a snake as he slept, on the fourth day of his marriage. His young wife, determined to break the jinx, is said to have strewn her ornaments all around his bed, lighting up the night with a million lamps and

Office and hotel sectors to provide the biggest property investment opportunities

  34% of institutional investors believe the biggest investment opportunities will be in the office and hotel sectors over the next 12 months 31% thought the industrial sector and 19% cited the retail & leisure sector 44% expect commercial property yields to increase in the next 12 months 40% plan to increase their allocation to

10 things our clients tell us  – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

Ah, a client meeting. My colleagues are all decked up, raring to win friends and influence people. As I look at them priming up for the pitch, I always, inevitably think up the way such conversation proceeds, with clients, and may their tribes increase, rarely, if ever, getting out of a kind of a loop.

Inward-Looking West Offers India the Opportunity to Lead the World

As Western democracies look increasingly inward, India has the opportunity to lead on free trade, climate change and technology, participants heard in the opening plenary of the India Economic Summit India’s new narrative is about internationalization, innovation and inclusiveness Technology must drive inclusive growth; entrepreneurship, empowerment of India’s youth, smart villages and shifting people into

Milky Way’s most-mysterious star continues to confound

  Pasadena, CA— In 2015, a star called KIC 8462852 caused quite a stir in and beyond the astronomy community due to a series of rapid, unexplained dimming events seen while it was being monitored by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. And the star has continued to foil scientists’ efforts to understand it ever since. The

New functional scoring helps better treatment for SCI during hESC

  During the past 2 decades, cell-based therapies for SCI have been researched in several studies. Replacement of damaged neural tissues and re-establishing connections between the central and peripheral nervous system is vital for the treatment strategy for patients with SCI. According to factsheet of WHO, over 5 lakh people are estimated to suffer from

New Resource Can Help Any Outsider Become an Insider—and Do Better in Business, at Work, or In Life

St. Petersburg, FL, October 3, 2017 — When Joseph Bensmihen was six years old and in first grade in Montreal, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t go to a regular school just because he had cerebral palsy. So he walked into the office of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, set down his two canes, and

One hour of exercise a week can prevent depression

Even small amounts of exercise – from as little as one hour per week – can offer significant protection against depression, an international research team led by the UNSW Sydney and Black Dog Institute has found. A landmark study led by the Black Dog Institute has revealed that regular exercise of any intensity can prevent