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The Art of Pairing Whiskies with Desserts – Sandeep Arora

Chocolate and whisky is a heavenly pairing – they are a delight to match and a pleasure to enjoy, deep and aromatic, rich and well …..richer. It is generally believed that the older and more complex the whisky, the darker and richer the chocolate should be. A very simple but effective pairing is to use

The Four Cornerstones of Success Can Help Anyone Succeed In Life

Laguna Beach, CA, May 16, 2018 ― Randall Bell, Ph.D., is a socio-economist, consultant, expert speaker and CEO of Landmark Research Group. Based on 25 years of solid scientific and behavioral research, Dr. Bell has developed a simple formula for authentic growth and success. By studying why some achieve success, while others survive or dive,

Don’t Toot Your Horn – Dr Ajeenkya D Y Patil, President of Ajeenkya DY Patil University

While horns are a definite improvement over people walking in front of cars waving red flags in the 1860’s they have intruded into the innermost corners of our minds. Incessant honking is almost as natural as a pulse on Indian roads; it has become an invisible backdrop to our stress and anxiety. The Indian government

Mind the gap! Scientific Beta highlights the importance of market risk in smart beta strategies

New research paper published in the Journal of Portfolio Management In a new research paper entitled “Mind the Gap: On the Importance of Understanding and Controlling Market Risk in Smart Beta Strategies,” published in a special 2018 issue of the Journal of Portfolio Management on factor investing, Scientific Beta argues that more attention should be

How to Participate in CoinPulse’s 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway

CoinPulse Exchange, one of 2018’s most highly anticipated cryptocurrency exchanges, recently announced that they will be giving out 20 million CPEX tokens for early signups on their platform. Those who register with the platform — before all 20 million tokens have been claimed — will receive 200 free CPEX tokens into their account on or

Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart to intensify the competition in online retail landscape in India 

Following the recent announcement that Walmart has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a 77% stake in Flipkart,   Suresh Sankara Retail Market Analyst at GlobalData a leading data and analytics company offers his assessment on the deal,  “It’s Amazon vs. Alibaba vs. Walmart in the Indian online retail landscape with Walmart’s agreement to

TUV Rheinland: Cybersecurity Trends 2018

COLOGNE, Germany, May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — How can businesses better protect themselves from the increasing volume and complexity of cyberattacks while preparing for the opportunities of automation and digitalization of industries? TUV Rheinland sheds the light on these questions in our “Cybersecurity Trends 2018”, available for download at http://www.tuv.com/en/cybersecurity-trends-2018 “Our goal is raise awareness to

Over 1 Lakh Thalassaemia Patients Die before They Turn 20, as the Blood Disorder Spikes Anaemia Rates in Ahmedabad

Annually, more than 10,000 children are born with thalassemia in India. While countries like Pakistan and Dubai have made carrier testing compulsory for relatives of thalassemia patients, India lacks a robust prevention and control program. Severe form of thalassemia leads to anaemia, which is playing a contributory role in the high anaemia rates in the

Indian Women as likely to develop Renal problems as men – Dr​.​Sudeep Singh Sachdev, Nephrologist, Narayana ​Super ​S​peciality H​ospital, Gurugram

Kidney disorders are a worldwide health concern with severe outcomes of kidney failure and premature mortality. Kidney disease is currently the 8th leading cause of mortality among women. Prevalence of Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) among women is as common as among men. Women are 5% more likely to develop CKD in comparison to men. CKD is also considered a risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcome and reduced fertility. Women who

2018 Dry Cleaning Index

Study reveals price of dry cleaning around the world, and calculates the contribution this service adds to the global economy   Oslo, Norway is the most expensive city to dry clean a suit, at $52.03, over 31% more expensive than the worldwide average, while Jakarta, Indonesia is the least expensive city for the same service,