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How TV Made Sport a Billion Dollar Industry

It was only a few decades ago that the world of sport looked completely different. Following a team required a lot of work. Watching a game required you to head to the stadium in person and pay the entrance fee.  For a long time, athletes were semi-professional, working other jobs at the same time as

Dr Sovan Roy rewrites the history of Fountain Pen making in India!

Dr Sovan Roy’s Magnum Opus to hit the stands soon! Dr Sovan Roy is a scientist by profession. And, a distinguished one at that, if one were to consider the sheer number of papers published in the professional journals or his long and blemish-less record as a Government servant occupying progressively higher posts. But, it

Will India ever produce a professional boxing champion?

Photo by Boxing AIBA / CC BY-ND 2.0 Caption – The legendary Mary Kom in Rio 2016 As you are well aware, boxing in India is something of an enigma. People laud our amateur boxers and wish them well at every turn. We tune into the Olympics to see them win medals and some even

How To Keep Your Employees Loyal

If you have employees, you are going to want them to be loyal to you. After all, you have taken the time to train them and teach them about your business, plus it costs a lot more to hire new staff than it does to retain current ones. Loyalty is therefore hugely important, but how

World Economic Forum Announces Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2019

Third annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit will take place in New York on 23-24 September The meeting’s aim is to scale up solutions to address the environmental and human crises facing our world    Greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, tropical forests, ocean health, the future of work, gender parity and inclusive growth are among many initiatives


McAfee Labs sees 504 new threats per minute in Q1 2019; Data breaches facilitate attacks on large organizations; Majority of targeted attacks bet on victims’ unwitting compliance Key Findings – New ransomware grows 118%; cybercriminals adopt new tactics and code innovations More than 2 billion stolen account credentials available on the cybercriminal underground Targeted attacks

Rayzin – raising happiness scoop by delicious bite!

Ananya Ray started Rayzin with a simple thought – she wanted her creations to bring endless joy to people. Baking had always been a passion for her. She had been baking for family and friends since she was a teenager. She could turn the simplest of recipes into mouth – watering delicacies be it regular

Is an MBA Useful for a Computer Engineer?

Working as a computer engineer usually involves programming software, mobile apps or middleware to help software communicate more successfully. It’s an exciting field with plenty of new developments, but how about when reaching management level? Is the typical computer engineer suitable as a manager or should an outsider be brought in to manage a team

Extramarital Relationships – Is the Indian audience ready for the cultural taboo

An eternal togetherness, unwavering loyalty, growing old together, standing strong through ups and downs and many other wedding vows which unite two souls in a lifetime institution of marriage. But is it true? Do we keep all such promises happily and not as an obligation? Does ‘happily ever after’ sounds good only in books or

Pursuing a Career in Engineering: A Guide

One of the puzzles that people are left to begin figuring out from a young age is what they want to be when they grow up. While some are able to quickly figure this out, some wander through life never discovering their dream career. The reality is that there is no precise formula that will