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World Bank’s India Economic Update – September 2012 – Where is India’s economy headed

India’s economic growth has slowed to a pace not seen since the beginning of the 2000s. At the same time, the current account deficit has reached a record high. We project growth in the current fiscal year to reach around 6%, a slowdown from the already low 6.5% growth in the previous year. This growth

Social Security’s Investment Shortfall and US Government’s Financial Deficit Reporting = 64 Madoffs?

“The US Government has engaged in deceptive reporting on its financial performance for the last four decades,” writes World Scientific author Professor Nils Hakansson (University of California, Berkeley) in his book Social Security’s Investment Shortfall.  The concept of the Unified Budget currently employed by the US Government was mooted by President Lyndon Johnson and was

Gold – the Hot Commodity of 2012 and 500 B.C.

With Interest in the Precious Metal High, Art Expert Examines Its Past If ever gold was precious, it’s now. “Gold has remained at or near record high prices, even while the value of other commodities falls,” notes art expert Terry Stanfill, author of Realms of Gold: Ritual to Romance (realmsofgoldthenovel.blogspot.com), a book that blends factual ancient

Just another post in the wall

I was out for a day. Out of the city, sans my mobile phone and deliberately unwired – no laptop, no tablet, no android, no blackberry – absolutely unarmed, unprotected, a sitting bird (as opposed to birds of a feather tweeting together). It was like going to a detox center. Socialaholics  Anonymous. Naturally the moment

Tweet me a Revolution!

Tweet me a Revolution! What does Anna Hazare, Occupy Wall Street and protests in Spain have in common with the Arab Spring? Apparently unrelated, they were similar in the way the social media space was used to channel public angst against certain perceived enemies. What lessons do they have to offer to social media marketers?

Prime Minister’s Address to the Nation

Prime Minister’s Address to the Nation Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh addressed the nation today. Following is the text of the Prime Minister’s address: “My dear brothers and sisters, I am speaking to you tonight to explain the reasons for some important economic policy decisions the government has recently taken. Some political parties have opposed

Manmohan, Mamata and Multi Brand Investment in Retail

Manmohan, Mamata and Multi Brand Investment in Retail Even as I write this piece, the pillars of the 2nd UPA Government are closeted in the PM’s residence, ostensibly discussing TMC supremo Ms. Mamata Banerjee’s decision to withdraw support to the Government. I use the term “ostensibly” on purpose, for I don’t think that the powers