Colleges w/o Tobacco Investments

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On Wednesday, Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) will certify 33 colleges and universities that have divested from tobacco corporations.

Along with these colleges and universities, only 7 states (Maryland, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, and California); several cities, counties, and municipalities; and one country (Norway) have divested.

This is important because Big Tobacco intentionally targets college students.

Marketing to College Students

  • In 2005, the tobacco industry spent more than $1 million a day sponsoring events and giveaways targeting college students.


  • Tobacco companies heavily target young adults ages 18 to 21 through a variety of marketing activities—such as music and sporting events, bar promotions, college marketing programs, college scholarships, and parties—because they know it is a critical time period for solidifying a tobacco addiction.


  • Young people are susceptible to tobacco advertising. Among teenagers, those who reported having a favorite tobacco ad, having received a tobacco promotional item, or who were willing to use a tobacco promotional item initiated smoking at a younger age.

Smoking Statistics: College Students

  • National data show that 95% of adult smokers begin smoking before they turn 21


  • One RJ Reynolds researcher stated: “If a man has never smoked by age 18, the odds are three-to-one he never will. By age 21, the odds are twenty-to-one.”


  • Many people start to smoke in college. Almost 40% of smokers either began smoking (11.0%) or became regular smokers (28.0%) after starting college.