Community Commitment of IIDR & STOG

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All major religions of the world beliefs donation to needy and poor, makes GOD happy. Yes God! But this time little Kids from less resourceful background, they became extremely happy and enjoyed receiving educational materials as gifts on occasion of Sree Sree Ganesh Puja. A humble effort  of Institute of Integrated Development And Research(IIDR), a NGO  headed by Bhaskar Ghsoh Dastidar and Prasanta Chatterjee in collaboration with Small Things Of God (STOG), a concept for better living headed by Sayak Sarkar , Bhaskar Kundu and supported by Subrata Sinha, consultant.

Fifty (50) smiling faces of needy children of Kheyada gram Panchayet –II, 24 Pgs(S), is the outcome of the event and lots of grace of Lord Ganesha. Local people along with local Panchayet members were involved, along with Rani Bhutia Ganesh Puja Committee. Sri Balai Halder, a dedicated social worker co-ordinated the event.

 Coverage By: Indrajit Ghosh Dastidar