CRISP India receives 2015 Golden Peacock Award for the excellence in National Education at Dubai, UAE

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Mukesh Sharma  CEO  CRISP India Receives Golden Peacock Award at Dubai here today

Dubai, 21st April 2015 :


The Institute of Directors, India conferred the Golden Peacock Award on Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP) for excellence in national education in Dubai on Monday.

Higher and Technical Education Minister Umashankar Gupta has congratulated entire staff of CRISP for this achievement. CRISP has established itself as one of the most leading centres of education and professional training. The institute was set up in 1997 and has been supported by a scoeity by the Indo-German Technical Cooperation Agreement.

The basic objective of the institute lies with generating and establishing human resource deployment and also organisational development.  The efficient delivery of these two motives promotes active employment and also skillful employment in the country, thus benefiting both the employable and the employing crowd.

Mukesh Sharma, CEO, Shashikant Bansal, AGM and Rajesh Maheshwari, AGM received the award. Golden Peacock Award overseen by the Institute of Directors (IOD), India this year attracted nearly 300 entries from global business.

The in-depth evaluation and judging process identifies organisations, which are  leading the way in national training. Mukesh Sharma said that the award is the recognition of the organisation’s vibrant policy and efforts to produce trained professionals for the growth of the country.


Mukesh Sharma, CEO, CRISP Said, This is a great honour and I thank the Institute of Directors, India for this recognition. The award is the recognition of the organization’s vibrant policy and efforts to produce trained professionals for the growth of the country.  CRISP is vowed to continue to maintain the standard throughout.We realize our responsibilities towards the society. Our major task is to train young professionals for nation building. We are honored to receive the prestigious  Golden Peacock Award 2015. This is a well-deserved recognition for CRISP.  I would like to congratulate all, who are associated directly or indirectly with the organization to realize this proud moment, He added.



CRISP is vowed to continue to maintain the standard throughout. Golden Peacock Awards instituted by Institute of Directors, India in 1991, are now regarded as a benchmark for corporate excellence worldwide. The awards are bestowed annually and are designed to encourage total improvement in each sector of business. All institutions whether public, private, non-profit, government, manufacturing and service sectors are eligible to apply.


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