Cryptocurrency is All About Price? Not Always.

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The fact that cryptocurrency has the word ‘currency’ in it makes you think about money, right? And what notion does the idea of different currencies give you? Your answer is most probably value. Consider this: a currency that is almost entirely dissociated from the conventionalism of value-based benchmarks and that is dependent on how much (or little) you use it. A currency that gives you greater value each time you increase its usage and, even if you don’t use it, its operative value is determined by how much others use it. In economics, this concept is called the network effect, where every new user of a service causes a positive effect on the value of that service to all its users. Enter Dentacoin, the exclusive digital currency platform that allows you to be your own custodian of its value.

Dentacoin, a fast-growing, Ethereum-based blockchain technology, is the world’s first cryptocurrency accepted in 21 dental clinics globally and dedicated to providing value-creating software tools and digital money solutions in dental healthcare. Dentacoin’s tools and the integrated currency, DCN, seamlessly connect market participants allowing each one to benefit while remaining cooperatively engaged. Dentacoin targets dental patient welfare by providing an easy payment option and a bouquet of software packages in the blockchain platform. Dentacoin Trusted Reviews provides an incentivized and trustworthy feedback system for patients and dentists, DentaCare is the interactive mobile application helping users to establish healthy dental care habits, while DentaVox is the dedicated research platform for gathering valuable data on dental health topics. Collectively, these and next planned offerings are expected to raise Dentacoin’s bar higher by attracting more users and hence increasing the overall platform value. Critical mass implies the number of people Dentacoin needs to amass before the network effect suffices – this is what Dentacoin aims to achieve among its participants.

Users do not pay any charges to use the platform, all they do is creating value for the whole industry by providing feedback (or receiving feedback in case of dentists), sharing their opinion (or access valuable market research data in case of dentists, suppliers, service providers within the dental industry), referring other users, establishing dental care habits. On the top of it all: they get rewarded for this impact. All market participants generate personal and collective benefits which motivates initial participation, long-lasting use of the platform and strong bonds between the participants.

Dentacoin remains aware that its biggest role as a digital money platform is to foster excellent financial relationships with its participants. Its championing currency, the DCN, remains the connector between the various participants including you as the user of the currency. When all market participants collaborating with Dentacoin engage in transactions using the DCN, there should occur an effect similar to normal global currency – the price per DCN is expected to increase.

Dentacoin, over and beyond most of the other cryptocurrency offerings, focuses more on fostering global relations and productivity among its participants and less on matters of currency value. The value just follows the development of this real-world solution and the user network growth.

Dentacoin is already implemented as means of payment at twenty-one dental clinics around the world (in USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Serbia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Fiji, India, Pakistan) and more than 10 000 people are actively using the developed tools (Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, DentaVox Research Platform, Dentacare mobile app). Recently Dentacoin also announced strategic partnerships with Arklign, an end-to-end digital dental lab partner located in San Jose, California, and PCP Dental Recruitment, one of the fastest growing dental recruitment agencies in the UK. The currency cycle is closed.

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