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 The future of online retailing has brought about a paradigm shift. The digital revolution that has spawned an era of digital devices has revolutionized us and transformed our lives into far happier and relaxed beings. The digital mall of India shopping platform, for instance, which is the new technology created by Indian entrepreneur Rishabh Mehra, is an e-commerce solution that is garnering major attention from investors and retailers. Very soon after the launch the customers will enjoy shopping, order food, watch a movie, play games and allied various things. That instantly makes one conclude that if retail websites were more interactive and engaging, this could even soar to inconceivable heights soon.

 As a natural progression, the brick and mortar retailer has been affected too, for whom it is a difficult time to not just compete with other retailers but now, with other digital platforms too.

 Underlining empowerment and engagement across businesses that touch every aspect of our lives, the effects of this shift on us are tremendously beneficial and can be seen in any country or culture. The combined effect of digital technologies is dramatically changing our leadership responsibilities, whether in politics, professionals in business, teachers in school or parents raising children.

 Retail leaders say a shopping platform that allows customers to feel their virtually physical presence inside a mall for shopping and entertainment, that too, using mobiles or laptops from within the confines of their comfortable homes or offices is the next big revolution for online shoppers.

 The advantages of digital mall help customers choose from a variety of products of better quality than ever before, thus making customers spend far less time and effort to get what they desire.

 The business and sales within physical stores are at an all-time low and even standstill in a few categories, while those of online retailers have been zooming along at double digits. The retailers who will thrive in the next decade will be those that reimagine and redefine their stores for the digital age. Tomorrow’s winners will be those who are able to transport the digital world into their stores in a manner that delights customers, builds loyalty and generates brand value.

The digital mall experience makes the shopper almost feel the interiors inside the mall. Shoppers will be able to enjoy once the mall is open for customers