Dubai based bold and beautiful Odina makes her Bollywood debut with ‘Fast Track’

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Adarsh Jain Films And Sun Audio Pvt. Ltd.’s new musical-action film titled Fast Track is gearing up to launch in a non-stop shooting schedule. Produced by Yamini Jain, the film is directed by Adarsh Jain.Dubai based versatile, bold and beautiful actress Odina makes her debut in this film.

                               Odina hails from Uzbekistan. For the last 15-years she is in property business in Dubai. Apart from being a dynamic business woman, she is also a good singer, dancer and model too giving training classes for the young aspirants over there.Odina speaking about her maiden debut, “I met Adarsh Jain once and at that time he was looking out to cast a foreign actress who could speak English in the lead. Thus this is how he gave me a chance to feature in the film.”

               Speaking about her role in the film, Odina adds, “I play myself in the film. My character’s name is also Odina and she is a business tycoon from Dubai who comes to India for some business and what and how she conducts it is what the film is all about.”

          Adarsh Jain had earlier directed Mithun Chakraborty in Bengal Tiger. He is the owner of Sun Audio Company too. “Fast Track is a complete entertainer,” says director Adarsh Jain. Adarsh further adds, “To sum it up, the film is of musical action genre. We are commencing the shooting from 25th June in Nainital with a start-to-finish shooting schedule.Meanwhile, the recording of all the songs are in progress. The film has five lead pairs and Odina is playing the central character. For Odina’s role our script demanded an extraordinary character and she fits in like a hand in glove. The film will have five melodious numbers which will be liked by all the people.”


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