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  • fiitjeeSchools should be comprehensive education systems which cater to different needs of different students, prepares them for competitions without the need for special coaching or tuition and nurture their latent talents

Hyderabad, August 29, 2014: Doesyour child need to make choices while getting school education, picking sometimes between academics and sports, and at other times between sports and art? Does education need to be a stressful exercise rather than a learning curve? Do you think education is all about material knowledge and competition or do you value ethical development of your child as integral part of holistic education.

These questions are vital in our society where we are struggling to give our children the right learning modality that would not just polish their intelligence and academic knowledge but also make them capable of leading better lives.

FIITJEE World School, an initiative of FIITJEE foundation, aims to provide an answer to some of these questions with its novel approach to education that entails the wholesome development of a child’s personality.

FIITJEE World School, Hyderabad, is a new experiment in Indian education which aims to prepare honest, truthful and conscious citizens of the world who can attain leadership positions and also be conscious of their responsibility towards society and the world.

The students of FIITJEE World School are instilled with qualities of a future leader. The school focuses on life skills and ethics which enable students to lead a better life, identifying and nurturing the innate abilities of every child. It trains them on self discipline, goal setting, and time management. It gives a platform to students for global careers.

Our endeavor is to provide students as much learning as they can imbibe during school years. They are encouraged to listen to their inner calling, to pursue multi interests and talents. FIITJEE World School provides enabling environment to children to allow them to excel in whatever they chose; the education system doesn’t require them to make a choice between academics and sports or between academics and art. We have Indoor Games but encourage the students to participate in Outdoor Games/Jogging.

“School education is something that models a child for life. Giving the right environment, and helping children discover their own selves is the responsibility of pedagogues. At FIITJEE World School, we aspire to provide wholesome education and prepare students for global careers. We work towards facilitating the development of young minds as leaders of tomorrow in all facets of life. Our students are trained to become better human beings and care for the world around them, not just attain robotic success,” says R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE.

“We started in the year 2010 with our vision to make a new beginning in Indian education. Positive word of mouth helped us attract a large number of students from all parts of Hyderabad. We look at FIITJEE World School as the ‘Ideal School Education’ and hope this experiment will revolutionize school education in India,” says Dr. Ananda Raman, Mentor Director, FIITJEE – Hyderabad. 

Our goals include facilitating students’ preparations and success in various competitive and scholastic examinations like National Science Olympiads, NTSE, JEE, AIPMT etc. FIITJEE’s curriculum and lecturing styles are closely connected withinternational education systems, to enable students secure admissions in prestigious colleges and Universities of the world.

The belief behind FIITJEE World School is that school education should empower a child, to not only dream and aspire for the best in the world, but also to pursue his / her ambitions, without the need of any external support in the form of tuitions, or specialized trainings or coaching. It should be the onus of the school system to enable a child to be ready for taking up, competing in and succeeding in any career choice she makes. How can a school not focus on this aspect and completely alienate schooling from careers, as is happening currently?

“The school should contribute towards developing the inherent talent of all students. But, what happens in our present dominant system is that school just provides a platform for those with explicit talent to exhibit the same. That is why you will find that the same set of students who are excellent debaters will always represent the school in any debate competition – throughout their school life,” says R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE.

FIITJEE World School aims to change this by focusing on personality development in a way that the child is able to face the real world on a sound footing. Be it communication, creativity or analytical thinking – the child is given equal opportunities and individual attention to hone these skills. We also focus on creating good value systems for children.

Affiliated and recognized by S.S.C. Board of Andhra Pradesh, the school is also working towards getting affiliation from International Baccalaureate (IB) Board. The curriculum also covers syllabi of IB, IGCSE, CBSE and ICSE.

The school is equipped with modern technology and world class infrastructure, giving students access to state-of-the-art labs, recreation centre and hostels.

The school has a dedicated faculty which is trained to look after the different needs of different students and model their lecture methodologies to suit the needs of each and every student. For us each student is special and deserves the best education.