A Gala night out with fashionista Reema Arora at Club BW

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New Delhi, Saturday, 31st May 2014: Club BW celebrated a fashion night out with some of the Capital’s finest and most glamorous glitterati in attendance. Hosted by young entrepreneur Reema Arora, founder of Eventique Concepts, the evening was a sneak preview to the next episode of her Monsoon Gala Fashion showcase.

 Ginni & Taneiya Khanuja Reema & Jolly Arora Reema Arora Rupam Malik & Reema Arora Sherry & Nancy Tania & Roopam Bhatia

A high spirited glitzy affair, the event was graced by guests such as, Vaishali and Puneet Rai, Rupam Malik, Monika and Kunal Chopra, Tania and Roopam Bhatia, Richie and Veenu Arora, Ginni  and Taneiya Khanuja to name a few.

Talking about the event: Mr. Amit Nigam, GM CLUB BW said “CLUB BW is synonymous with the die-hard party spirit of Delhiites.  Our club is associated with the idea of glamour, fun and fashion and hosting this fashion preview with Reema Arora is definitely a good opportunity for us to try and host more exciting events like this at Club BW.”

About CLUB BW:

Club BW introduces us to the world of Elegance, Glamour, Grace and Fashion. Dwell in the luxuries of life from liquor and music to the Glam Culture. BW gives the uppermost luxury in a Black and White way. The royal welcome by the king and queen and the shimmer of the main floor will make anybody jitter away the worries to its whimsical euphoria.

With a completely distinctive concept “Club BW” is big enough to fill its gaping girth. So as you enter lofty gates you are welcomed a world of finesse, luxury, leisure and fun time ahead.