Jaypee Hospital once again saved lives by swapping kidneys of Hindu-Muslim patients

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Noida, 12 June 2018:.  Just ahead of Eid al-Fitr, surgeons from Jaypee Hospital, Noida, set an example of friendship and brotherhood that go far beyond religious boundaries.  The doctors saved the lives of a Hindu and a Muslim man by suggesting wives of the respective patients to donate their matching-blood-group kidney to the other’s husband.

Thanks to such incidents of kidney swap, not only two lives have been saved, but it has also helped in sending a message of harmony between the two communities. The team of doctors was comprised of Senior Surgeons Dr. Amit Devra, Dr. Manoj Aggarwal and Dr. LP Chaudhary from the Kidney Transplantation Department as well as Senior Consultant Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt, Dr. Bheem Raj and Dr. Haroon from the Nephrology Department.

Dr. Amit Devra, Senior Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Jaypee Hospital, said, “After proper evaluation both the patients were diagnosed with the known case of Chronic Kidney Disease on MHD (maintenance haemodialysis) with hypertension. They were admitted in the Jaypee Hospital for Renal Allograft Transplant. The kidney transplant surgery wwere successful and neither the donors, nor the recipients showed any complications after the surgery. Since Jaypee Hospital is a super multi speciality hospital, the challenge of swap transplantation was overcome. The hospital is equipped with a number of specialists with latest infrastructure to operate simultaneously on two organ donors and two recipients. While the donors, Balo and Lila, were discharged within few days of the surgery, their recipient husbands Ikram and Anil were discharged after 12 days of successful transplantation.”


Further explaining about the case, Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt, Senior Nephrologist – Jaypee Hospital, said, “Kidney of Ikram (53 yrs) and Anil Kumar Rai (43 yrs) got damaged due to high blood pressure and their lives were at risk since both the families had no suitable donor and were not economically well off. We held separate meetings with both families. We informed them that if each woman donated her kidney to the other’s husband, it would be possible to save the lives of both patients. The kidney-swapping transplant process was explained to their families. Eventually, Mrs. Lila Rai (34 yrs, wife of Anil Rai) and Mrs. Balo (47 yrs, wife of Ikram) agreed to donate a kidney to the other’s husband.”

According to Anil Kumar Rai (Patient), “In January, I started experiencing severe stomach ache. I was not feeling hungry and as a result of which, there was very little excretion. We decided to come to Delhi form Gorakhpur for better treatment. My relatives in Delhi suggested Jaypee Hospital, Noida where I met Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt. After my diagnosis and listening to my monetary problem he explained me about the possibilities of swap transplant. During this only I met Ikram and his wife, who were also facing the same problem.”

Expressing his gratitude, Ikram (resident of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh) said, “I needed a kidney that was from a person of B-positive blood group. My wife was willing to donate her kidney, but her blood group is A-positive. The doctors at Jaypee Hospital coordinated a meeting with Anil’s family and suggested a swap transplant to which, we immediately agreed. When you are at the verge of death, religion of your donor does not matter. We are extremely grateful to the doctors of Jaypee hospital for saving my and Anil’s life.”

The successful exchange of kidneys between Hindu-Muslim families indicates human blood holds no narrow boundaries. Only the human mind holds religious reservations and needs to be convinced accordingly. If humanity takes precedence over sectarian concerns, particularly during medical emergencies, thousands of lives could be saved. Such acts of humanity are required to raise hope for many patients urgently seeking a suitable organ donor.


About Jaypee Hospital:

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