JobBuzz launches Workplace Index to rank Indian employers’ basis workplace factors Recognising the best new-age employers of India Inc

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Company review and rating platform JobBuzz announces the launch of its monthly workplace assessment index – JobBuzz Workplace Index. This – first-of-its-kind index in India – studies critical workplace elements @ India Inc.  

24th August 2017: JobBuzz is proud to launch the first edition of ‘Workplace Index’ report which will assess the top new-age employers of India Inc. on critical workplace factors. This monthly report will mirror the aspirations of employees from their employers versus the workplace that employers provide them with.

Commenting on the conceptualisation of the JobBuzz Workplace Index, Sanjay Goyal, Head of Product, Technology & Marketing, TimesJobs said, “The JobBuzz team has done an extensive survey to gauge the job-seeker opinion on what makes for the best new-age workplace. Their answers and aspirations have been tactfully recapitulated in this report and these reflect the employee sentiment for corporate India. This hints at the critical pieces that employers should watch out for when communicating with employees. We hope, that in the coming times, this report becomes an essential tool-kit for both the employers and employees.”

The JobBuzz ‘Best new-age workplace’ study revealed that there are top 5 factors which matters most to employees while joining an organisation. These include:

  • Brand name
  • Company culture
  • Competitive salary
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Rewards and recognition

“To delve deeper into these principal workplace aspects JobBuzz came up with the idea of ‘Workplace Index,” he said.

The JobBuzz Workplace Index is the definitive benchmarking tool for employers to measure their progress on various workplace aspects, such as, salary, work-life balance, career growth and workplace culture. It also serves as an employer assessment tool for job-seekers and serves as a ‘best place to work’ guide to them.

The report for August 2017 names Automobiles sector as the best employer. It scores well across all the critical workplace aspects. However, the sector scores best on the work culture aspect.

Infrastructure and manufacturing sector have a tie for the second position, while, telecom and retail sectors ranked third on the workplace index in August 2017.

“The need to understand the evolving workplaces better with the aim to provide meaningful information to both employees and employers was critical in creating the JobBuzz Workplace Index. The Workplace Index benchmarks the key elements of a workplace and recognises those sectors which are creating an inclusive workplace for the new-age job-seeker”, said Goyal.

The JobBuzz Workplace Index is a compilation of employee ratings from across a selection of companies varying in size, geography and industry on various critical workplace parameters. The index value has been kept at 100. The percentages are an indicator of ratings being provided by the employees on JobBuzz for their respective companies. These percentages are an indicator of happiness quotient of employees.


About JobBuzz:
JobBuzz is an information exchange platform for candidates and employers in form of reviews, ratings and company insights. JB is an open platform where they interact to influence each other.