Kotwara By Meera And Muzaffar Ali brought alive the grandeur with ‘The Pearl Of The Orient’ Collection at the India Fashion Bridal Week 2013

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Jewellery by Neety Singh


New Delhi, July 24, 2013: Kotwara by Meera and Muzaffar Ali, an international couture brand from the House of Kotwara, launched their latest bridal collection, ‘Pearl of the Orient’ at the India Bridal Fashion Week. The collection was complimented with jewellery by designer par excellence, Ms. Neety Singh.


With this collection, Meera and Muzaffar Ali presented a range of exotic bridal wear gently textured with pearls on oriental forms. From lehengas and shararas to saris and choghas, the silhouettes are in the inimitable classic Kotwara style reminiscent of the glory of Awadh. Chiffons blend with velvets and brocades embellished with zardozi and chikan techniques creating an intriguing collage of textures. The palate ranges from soft pastels to vibrant hues.

Kotwara spans a continuity of traditions in both apparel and craft techniques that have now acquired a timeless quality. The evolution of Kotwara integrates the heritage of Awadh with aesthetics of modern sensibilities which evolved in today’s day and age of becoming global citizens. The craft of Kotwara has thus evolved as a way of remaining connected with lives of the artisan, his mind and values and a larger objective of inculcating a pride in his creations. The essence of Kotwara is its spirit of evolution. Of a regular celebration of forms and motifs, their feel and interpretation that outlive the tests of time.


The jewellery has been especially crafted by the designer par excellence, Neety Singh. Neety has strived to create culturally influenced and artistically forward fine jewellery to compliment the exquisite clothes by Meera and Muzaffar Ali. She believes in creating masterpieces that are Indian in origin whilst being effortlessly universal in their appeal. Her designs draw inspiration from an amalgam of urban and classical characteristics, which range from bold and bohemian. 


An integral part of the House of Kotwara, is an international couture brand KOTWARA by Meera and Muzaffar Ali. Muzaffar Ali is a filmmaker, painter – and the present Raja of Kotwara, and his wife Meera Ali, an architect. The label was established in 1990 to revive the traditional craft of the region of Awadh, India, through sensitively understanding its ethos, upgrading its design content and modern day universal relevance in its application.

Over the last 20 years, Kotwara has been a symbol of style and elegance reinventing embroidery and weaving and creating silhouettes which have a timeless quality. Kotwara has been blending cultures and styles from different parts of India ~ Lucknow, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Kerala, Bengal ~ integrating the best into an Indian idiom.

The social dimension of Kotwara is its Dwar Pe Rozi Society ~ Employment at Doorstep ~ aimed at emancipation of women and rural India through humanistic education and craft. The Society runs a school based on these values producing extremely self confident rural youth poised to take.



Neety Singh’s designs draw inspiration from an amalgam of urban and classical characteristics, which range from bold and bohemian. Rapidly capturing the market for fine jewellery in Delhi, NCR and abroad, Neety Singh has been a devoted designer and manufacturer of exquisite jewellery since 2008. Her unique approach to jewellery design captures the right balance between traditional and modern day tastes to present a quirky, yet elegant take on ethnically inspired jewellery. She has under her belt several successful solo shows in India, Singapore and United States of America.