Manifesto of Maha-Kumbh : Arindam Basu

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Arindam Basu is a life that is but an extension of the Canon. An alumnus of Chitrabani, Kolkata, Arindam’s passion is tracing the path of great migrations – of sadhus, charlatans and the hanger on’s in search of nirvana and the glam crowd in search of instant, albeit tinsel fame. The Photographer Emeritus of Core Communique, Arindam’s work has been featured by some of the world’s leading publications in the fields of glamour, lifestyle, travel tourism. His pet passions however, is to frame that moment that captures the pain behind the painted – be that faces, or facades or fanatic cults.

The following pictures are the result of many months of wanderings on a physical and a spiritual plane and tells tales that need no words of description.

While not chasing the next elusive masterpiece where the Rule of Law and the sway of Mark Zuckerberg does not reach, he can be found at:

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