Meet the Mentors program organized by Federation of Startup Foundation

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Kolkata, 30 November:

For long, the startup ecosystem in Kolkata needed an official ecosystem. Now that is here in the form of StartFed. Today in StartFed’s ‘Meet the Mentor’ programme, the chief mentor of the organization, Mr. Kallol Datta said, “We are here to provide a support system for startups of Bengal.” With these small startups, real economic change can happen in the state.


Mr. Datta mentioned that the industry leaders from different sectors have come forward to create a forum for startups and entrepreneurs of Eastern India. The organization is named StartFed (Federation of Startup Foundation). It is a not-for-profit making registered organization by the law of Government of India. The nature of the organization is ‘by the startups, for the startups’ of eastern India.

In the startup ecosystem, this is an innovative approach to enable all elements to strengthen their calibre. Entrepreneurs will get support from germination to acceleration. Mr. Datta says, “We are providing 360 degree support for new entrepreneurs, say if any entrant in the forum comes up with a viable business idea and if our executive committee is convinced about its scaleability and other possibilities, s/he would get support to create a legal entity, form a company, can have market survey support, secretarial support, accounting support, mentoring, opportunity to pitch for seed-angel-VC funding. For the entire process they will get support from the organization.”

Also he added that to get relevant support any startup at any point of their entrepreneurial journey can join StartFed and have the opportunity to grow with it.

StartFed will organize events in several parts of Eastern India, even interiors of Bengal, Odisha, Sikkim, and North East. The Bangladesh startup ecosystem is totally synced with a great synergy with StartFed India. Startup experts from Silicon Valley have showed interest in Bengal’s own StartFed to tie up as German investment ecosystem does.

The programme was attended along with Mr. Kallol Datta, Mr. Taranjit Singh, Mr. Aniruddha Lahiri, Dr. Amit Ghose, Mr. Arup Roy Chowdhury, Mr. Indrajit Mookherjee, Mr. Rana Som, Mr. Utpal Sengupta and Mr. Partha Bhattacharya.