Mercedes Benz India launches two coupe versions of S-Class and G 63  AMG ‘Crazy Colour’ edition

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Aggressive on the potential Indian market, the local arm of premium auto giant, Mercedes Benz rolled out coupe variants of its flagship saloon S –Class christened S-500 coupe and S 63 AMG coupe. Other than these two coupes that have been introduced for the first time in India, the company also launched ‘Crazy Colour’ edition of insignificantly revised G 63 AMG. With these launches, the company so far has inducted nine new models in the country and eye spawning six more new models in the upcoming months. Also, the S 63 AMG becomes the eighth model to be introduced in the company’s performance oriented AMG wing.

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The S 500 coupe is essentially the coupe version of Mercedes S-Class saloon, while the S 63 AMG has been bestowed with AMG traits and is yet another new addition in the company’s AMG family. While the third launch from today, the G 63 AMG ‘crazy editions’ gets minor updates and along with that it also gets three new colour options.

Priced at Rs 2 crore (ex-showroom Delhi), the all new S-500 coupe is evidently similar to the regular version of S 500 saloon. Available in two-door version, the S-500 coupe can be largely identified with the standard S 500 trim in terms of exterior styling. Front profile and side profile have been retained from the regular trim; however rear has been altered slightly which appears more inclined.

Features list is same as on the usual version of S-500 saloon, salient equipments available on the coupe version includes panoramic sunroof, deads-up-display, night view assist plus with Mercedes Pre-Safe and adaptive high beam assist plus and a couple of others. Optional provisions offered on the coupe are ‘Magic Sky Control’ and Swarowski crystal encrusted head lamps. Mechanical strength is derived from the robust 4.7 litre, twin turbo, V8 engine good for 449.2 Bhp of maximum power and 71.4 kgm of top torque.

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Besides this, Mercedes Benz has also added AMG version of the coupe to its portfolio. Named ‘S 63 AMG’ this power packed version is priced at Rs 2.6 crore (ex-showroom Delhi). Both S 63 AMG and S 500 coupe have been styled identically, however the real difference lies in the performance. Characterized by AMG traits, S 63 AMG features carbon-fibre bits inside the cabin along with the bold AMG body kit. The coupe also features ‘Magic Body Control’ similar to S-500 coupe.

Under the bonnet is the high displacement 5.5 litre, twin turbo, AMG, V8 engine which has been tuned to propagate zenith power of 577 Bhp and top torque of 91.77 kgm. The powerful motor works mutually with the agile AMG Speedshift MCT seven-speed gearbox featuring three drive modes.

Apart from the two coupes, Mercedes also brought forth insignificantly modified G 63 AMG ‘Crazy Colour’ edition. Available at Rs 2.17 crore (ex-showroom Delhi), the ‘Crazy Colour’ edition has been rolled out in three new colour options including solar sunset beam and alien green. As for the alterations made to the coupe are concerned, it now features matte black alloy wheels and bespoke leather interiors.

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