Nostalgia – The Annual Alumni Reunion of IIM Lucknow

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Indian-Institute-of-Management-IIM-LucknowLucknow, 18th December 2013


Christmas is a special time for IIM Lucknow – it’s that time of year it welcomes the graduated batches back to its campus for the Annual Alumni Reunion. Four batches are invited every year – the batch which graduated 25 years ago to celebrate its silver jubilee of graduation, the batch which graduated 20 years ago, the batch which graduated 15 years ago and one which graduated 10 years ago. This year alumni from batches of 1988, 1993, 1998 and 2000 would be coming back to the campus.

Nostalgia is an opportunity for the alumni of IIM Lucknow to reconnect and stay in touch with their alma mater. The interaction breeds a sense of familiarity. The visit to the campus is like coming back home. As they re-enter the hallowed portals, they discover that the place is as welcoming as always.

The Alumni Reunion is a 3 days event scheduled from 22nd to 24th December 2013. Over 100 alumni along with their families would be attending the event.

Over the years, the campus has undergone multiple infrastructural changes. So many, in fact, that the sight is a surprise for the older batches. The first day, therefore, would start with a tour of the campus. And to ensure the alumni really do go down the memory lane, they shall take a test on their newly gained knowledge of the campus too, just like they did for their courses during their post graduation. This would be followed by the official inauguration of the event, dinner at student’s mess and a party in night amidst bonfire, music and DJ to remind them of their lighter times they had back then.

After the first day of ice-breaking, the alumni would get to relive their convocation through the Re-graduation ceremony. This would be followed by a tour of Lucknow a city which has changed so much, giving them a chance to revisit their favourite haunts.

The alumni are an important stakeholder at IIM Lucknow – during Nostalgia they would brainstorm the future of IIM Lucknow. In this session the alumni would discuss critical issues and make decisions that would affect the current student body and the institute at large. This is followed by interaction between Faculty members and the alumni at a formal lunch.

This year is also special to batch of 2000. It’s the batch from which Mr. S. Manjunath had passed. Manjunath sacrificed his life while standing up against Oil Mafia and corruption in 2005. There would be some special events lined up to remember him during Nostalgia.

The last day would be fun filled with many informal activities for the alumni – cookery and handicraft workshops etc along with the most popular event Back to Classroom – the alumni get to sit and re-experience their B-school days as they attend classes and score points for participation and group discussions. There will also be presentations showcasing old photographs and videos made during their college days.