Technology has improved communication

Technology has improved communication among friends, family and business associates over the years. Yet, people who live in areas that have high internet penetrance have low empathy. Technology helps punters check out a Resorts Casino review on their phones when they bet. It helps them maintain constant communication with loved ones through various platforms. Read

Samsung Phones to Share Seamlessly with Windows PCs

The mobile industry has rapidly evolved in the recent past. Established phone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics produce devices with continuous and seamless experiences. Microsoft is known for its sophisticated gadgets and software. Many punters use Windows PCs to wager in Tropicana Casino for fun. Some people choose Microsoft tech gadgets for their great mobile

YI Technology joins hands with Staunch to leverage on the latter’s Online retail network

New Delhi, August 7th, 2019: Shanghai based customer centric security solutions provider YI Technology recently forayed into India’s dash camera segment with YI Smart Dash Camera to capitalize on Indian Dash Camera market. In order to assist its penetration, YI Technology joined hands with Staunch, one of the largest omni channel retail and distribution company

Alphalogic expands its footprints to Western Europe and plans to triple up its employee strength by 2020

The company clocked 120 percent revenue growth in the FY 2018-19 and targets multi-fold growth this fiscal New Delhi, 7th August, 2019: – Pune based boutique software consulting firm Alphalogic Techsys today announced that it has achieved 120 percent growth in revenue in the FY 2018-19. The company also announced its expansion to the Western Europe market

Pursuing a Career in Engineering: A Guide

One of the puzzles that people are left to begin figuring out from a young age is what they want to be when they grow up. While some are able to quickly figure this out, some wander through life never discovering their dream career. The reality is that there is no precise formula that will

Geoengineering versus a volcano

Washington, DC— Major volcanic eruptions spew ash particles into the atmosphere, which reflect some of the Sun’s radiation back into space and cool the planet. But could this effect be intentionally recreated to fight climate change? A new paper in Geophysical Research Letters investigates. Solar geoengineering is a theoretical approach to curbing the effects of

Emerging Tech could reshape Future of Work with Human-Machine Partnerships – Dell Technologies Report

Changes to work and learning in 2030 will create more equitable workplaces for people throughout the world New Delhi, India – 30th July/ August, 2019 By 2030, there will be three shifts that will help shape a more inclusive, empowering and rewarding work environment Majority of Indian business leaders expect emerging technologies to improve workforce


“NASSCOM believes that the recent proposal of the Inter-ministerial Committee of the Government to ban all cryptocurrencies barring those that are backed by the Government, is not the most constructive measure. Instead, the government should work towards developing a risk-based framework to regulate and monitor cryptocurrencies and tokens. A ban would inhibit new applications and

Calcutta boy gets rare innovation award

Smogathon is an initiative aiming to fight the smog with innovations and technology. “Over 92% of the world’s population inhales unhealthy air and over seven million people worldwide die prematurely every year because of smog. It needs to stop and we look for a hero, who could solve the problem of air pollution” says the entity’s


26th  July 2019 , Roorkee: On 26th July 2019, IIT Roorkee signed an MoU with  Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Academy located at Bhopal, with a view to strengthen mutual cooperation and collaboration in the area of road network planning, design, construction and operation. This collaboration will be a step forward in the direction of academia