Primetals Technologies develops automatic testing system for temperature sensors of molds

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System offers reproducible and standardized heating and testing for all types of thermocouples
Damage to copper plates is ruled out
Defective thermocouples and poor contacts are detected
Measured data can be saved for later use, for example in quality management

With the Automatic Thermocouple Checker, Primetals Technologies offers operators of continuous casting plants a solution for standardized and reproducible heating and testing of thermocouples in the copper plates of molds. Unlike conventional test methods, for example with the aid of gas torches, damaging of copper plates is ruled out. In the case of the Automatic Thermocouple Checker, heating of the couples is reproducible and is done by electronic means. Each thermocouple belonging to a mold is tested under identical conditions and almost fully automatically. With the aid of uniform heating of the couples, not only defective elements can be identified, but poor thermal contact caused by soiling or insufficient pressing force onto the thermocouple can also be determined. For quality management, the measured data gathered can also be stored for later evaluation.