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April 2, 2018 -Amsterdam-  Qurrex, a first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Andromeda Group. Through this partnership, Qurrex aims to expand and enhance market making, OTC desk operations, listing exchanges and attracting crypto investors. Andromeda Group has announced that the total transaction amount of the deal exceeds 5 million US dollars.  Andromeda Group intends to develop future fundraising strategies, assist with the fundraising process and with business development strategy and commercial partnerships.

Qurrex has been designed to create a suitable gateway for professional traders in traditional financial markets to the crypto economy and to meet the challenges of the exponential growth of cryptocurrency trading. The new platform will integrate the centralized exchange based on enterprise technology of traditional stock exchanges with decentralized network consisting of thousands of nodes of liquidity with partial exchange functions for miners, brokers, liquidity provider and other institutional players.

Matthijs Johan Lek, Qurrex CEO stated: “We expect the partnership with Andromeda Group to strengthen our capabilities and enable us to deliver new features to our novel product. It is an important milestone in Qurrex’s journey in becoming the first professional and truly global hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform

Andromeda Group is a private holding company focused on investing into high growth, sustainable blockchain assets. It has extensive experience and understanding of both traditional and evolving cryptocurrency markets. Its areas of operation include venture capital, crypto-brokerage and other opportunities in the blockchain sector.

Andromeda Group has offices in New York, London, Zug and Moscow. Its team has a proven track record in investing, operating and trading blockchain and cryptocurrency assets across multiple sectors and countries.

We see Qurrex as potentially strong player in the market and glad to develop our relationship. We also believe that the quality of QRX token buyers will be one of the key factors of the future success of the project” – stated Pavel Kornilov, Andromeda Group Co-Founder.

Qurrex’s new generation platform integrates the industrial-grade centralized infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX*) like NASDAQ, NYSE and LSE with a decentralized blockchain-based network (DEX*).  The platform will substantially increase the market’s liquidity and set a new standard for crypto-exchange products.  Its reliability, security and speed are game changers for the crypto industry and professional traders alike.

About Qurrex

Qurrex is the first cryptocurrency exchange benefiting from a synergy of a high-end performance architecture comparable to leading stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE) and the flexibility of a decentralized network. Specifically, Qurrex’s Hybrid D(C)EX architecture combines blockchain technology with a centralized exchange that offers performance comparable to modern, cutting-edge stock exchanges. Key features of the Qurrex platform include high-end performance supporting up to 70,000 transactions per second, next-gen security, maximum transparency, high-speed APIs, and 24/7 user support.

The team behind Qurrex includes seasoned professionals with expertise in investment banking, stock exchange infrastructure development, and business development. Netherlands-based CEO Matthijs Johan Lek leads the firm.

The Qurrex exchange has been designed to meet the challenges of the dramatic growth of cryptocurrency trading. Qurrex solves the main problems experienced by current users of existing cryptocurrency platforms (performance, security, liquidity issues, etc.). Qurrex creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants (including brokers and institutional investors) in the crypto world.

For more information, please, visit www.qurrex.com