Sub-$20 Travel Accessories for Spring Break: Kinivo’s Mini Speaker Collection

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REDMOND, Wash – March 1, 2016 – Kinivo, the creator of lifestyle consumer electronics designed to simplify daily life, is keeping travelers connected as they set out on their Spring Break adventures. The Kinivo ZX100 is now available for $11.99, a 61 percent discount. The speaker allows beach-goers to listen to their music, audio books and podcasts from their phones with friends while vacationing. Best of all, the lightweight ZX100 is affordable, leaving more room in your travel budget. Available on today, Kinivo’s portable mini speaker makes it easy to stay connected and enjoy your spring trips this year.

Built to be used virtually anywhere, the ZX100 amps up your mobile device’s sound with surprising bass and clarity from a speaker compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It also comes equipped with a long-lasting battery, delivering six hours of tunes.  The ZX100’s 360-degree sound design ensures your music can be enjoyed by everyone around. Whether you want to take it to the beach or play music while getting ready for the party, the ZX100 is sure to add an extra dose of fun to your vacation. The ZX100 offers immense value, as its quality is supported with a one-year warranty, as with all Kinivo products.

The ZX100 has received over 4,000 reviews on with an average rating of 4.5 stars. It works with any audio source like smartphones and tablets through a standard 3.5 mm connector and features a built-in bass resonator that provides optimal audio clarity. This can be amplified even more when several ZX100 speakers are daisy-chained together. Best of all, the ZX100 comes in a mix of fun colors (black/red, green/grey, green/blue, white/green).

Kinivo’s ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker is available now through and To connect with Kinivo, visit FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn. For more information on Kinivo’s ZX100, and its full line of mobile accessories, media members may contact PR representative Jen Mangham at (305) 374-4407 x 191, or

About Kinivo

Kinivo, (pronounced as Kee-Nee-Voh,) creates lifestyle consumer electronics that simplify daily life at home, in the office and on the go. Kinivo offers a diverse range of gadgets, from Bluetooth headphones and speaker systems to rechargeable battery packs, delivering exceptional quality tech accessories at affordable prices. Kinivo takes pride in offering superior consumer service and high user satisfaction with their stylishly designed mobile accessories intended to simplify our digital world. All Kinivo products exceed extensive development and quality assurance testing and are supported with a one-year warranty.