26/11 Archive

A message of universal peace, unity and harmony by WeSchool on the eve of 26/11

Torchbearers and change makers in women empowerment, international relations, social work, adventure and journalism honored in the presence of Amruta Fadnavis at the Global Peace Initiative 2016 Mumbai, November 26, 2016: On November 26, 2008, Mumbai witnessed one of the most brutal attacks on mankind that drew widespread criticism and brought the world together to

26/11-14 hours from the Eyes of the Survivor : 14hours a book by Ankur Chawla on 26/11 officially launched

New Delhi 26th November 26, 2012: Ankur Chawla a full, eyewitness account of the 26/11 Taj attack —an operations management trainee with the hotel in 2008. On the fourth anniversary of the 26/11 Taj attack, Ankur gives the complete inside story with his book titled 14 hours which is officially released today and is available