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Autonomous Vehicles Will Clog City Centres unless Lawmakers Step Up, Says Boston Study

Shared autonomous vehicles will reduce the number of cars and overall travel times in cities but potentially worsen traffic and increase travel times in downtown areas, a World Economic Forum study suggests To avoid pockets of increased congestion caused by switching from mass transit, state and local lawmakers must put forth policies and incentives that

Plotting a Course for Autonomous Vehicles in India

Mumbai, India With the rise of electric vehicles and the imminent arrival of self-driving cars in Western countries, relatively little has been said about the Indian automotive industry’s initiative to develop similar technology. In the months ahead, the Indian government is expected to announce major incentives for buyers of electric cars with autonomous driving systems,

Battery-Powered Villages, Sociable Robots Rank among Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2016

World Economic Forum’s annual list of breakthrough technologies this year includes next-generation batteries, perovskite solar cells and open artificial intelligence Forum’s Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies chose tech based on potential to transform industry and society Council aims to raise awareness about the technologies, both benefits and risks, and contribute to closing gaps in investment and