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L& T Infotech positioned as a ‘Leader’ in NelsonHall NEAT 2017 for RPA and AI in Banking

Bangalore, April 12, 2017: NelsonHall, a global independent research analyst firm, accolated L&T Infotech (LTI) with the ‘Leader’ ranking in its latest NEAT Report 2017 for the company’s RPA and AI   offerings for the Banking industry. Highlight of the report include LTI’s position as a leader in  introducing new digital models into banking processes and

Banking on the Banks? Think again. Rais Qureshi

I started my business in 1996. And, from that day onwards, I have been grappling with a term called collateral security. I was shooed away from the first bank I had approached with a request for a loan as I did not have enough securities to offer them. Today, 20 years on, with an established

Bank IT – banking and automation, the way forward – Aman Bubna

The news item, tucked in as it was in one innocuous corner of the newspaper, just a couple of days back, had gone largely unnoticed. Hemmed in between stories of corruption in high places and promises of El Dorado’s of every kind, it proclaimed how one of the major private sector banks had introduced on

Banking in Bengal, when All the World was a Seth – Harshit Thakkar

They were known as the Jagat Seths – the bankers of the world for such was the strength of the promissory notes executed by them, that they were honoured in every part of the known world, where they were presented. They were the bankers of the Nawab of Bengal, and as some historians point out,

Social Media for the BFSI and the Blind Men of Indostan – Chawm Ganguly

Social Media for the BFSI and the Blind Men of Indostan Remember the six blind men of Indostan? Yes, the ones that felt the trunk and the tail and the tusk to draw their own conclusions about the shape and the size of the elephant? Well, the way we approach Social Media, especially for the

Digital Disruption of Finance Services Will Change Banking as We Know It

Technology is changing the financial services sector and disrupting longstanding business models While digital services will become so thoroughly a part of banking and finance, from payments to philanthropy, offline approaches will still be needed to provide trustworthy partners for artificial intelligence and big-data algorithms Find more information about the World Economic Forum here: Dalian,

SAP HANA® to Transform Business Processes and Data Analysis for Banking and Insurance Customers

SAP NEWSBYTE — June 23, 2015 — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced a new foundational offering that aims to help financial services and insurance companies better manage their integrated risk and finance processes. The SAP® Cost and Revenue Allocation for Financial Products application is expected to help banks and insurers streamline profitability for insurance

Markets are singing Happy Days are Here Again – Rajesh Agarwal Jindal

Indian bourses are expected to trade with a positive bias. The markets will take cues from important macroeconomic data that would be announced during the week such as inflation, forex reserves and industrial production growth. As revealed by last week’s FII robust net investment data the markets are seeing bullish undercurrent and we do not

Markets to remain volatile with positive bias – Rajesh Agarwal Jindal

The Indian bourses are expected to open the week in the green extending last week’s gains. The truncated week will see some amount of volatility due to F&O settlement. Towards the close of the week,the markets will take cues from the GDP growth figures that would be announced. The street expects GDP growth for Q1

JLL: Reaction To RBI Policy Rate Announcement – Anuj Puri

Anuj Puri – Chairman & Country Head, JLL India: It has been clear that over the last few months, the RBI been looking for the right circumstances to bring down the repo rate. However, it is also clear that it still perceives a threat of inflation going up again in the near future. As such,