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Happy New Year from all of us in Bengal

Happy New Year. May the year ahead be full of happiness and prosperity. May the Lord shower His choicest blessings on you, your family and friends. May all your dreams come true in the year ahead. 

Banking in Bengal, when All the World was a Seth – Harshit Thakkar

They were known as the Jagat Seths – the bankers of the world for such was the strength of the promissory notes executed by them, that they were honoured in every part of the known world, where they were presented. They were the bankers of the Nawab of Bengal, and as some historians point out,

Karunama – bangla natak dot com to bring the Rural Craft Hubs of Bengal to Kolkata

Rural Craft Hubs of West Bengal 10 Rural Craft Hubs have been developed across 10 districts of West Bengal by banglanatak dot com supported by Department of MSME&T, Government of West Bengal and UNESCO to revive and strengthen the handicrafts sector of the state through capacity building, market exposure, direct market linkages and design diversification

Bengali Bhadrolok, for sale or for hire: Chawm Ganguly

“If Money is lost: nothing is lost, if health is lost: something is lost, but if character is lost” and here, our elders would pause, seizing our response, before stressing “everything, is lost”. Growing up hearing the same ditty repeated over and over, we too learnt the importance of being a “bhalo chele” (a good

Pawan Ruia and the art of inaugurating Durga Pujas – Chawm Ganguly

It’s raining cats and dogs and Pawan Ruia’s impatience is visibly pushing the assembled officers in the Ruia Group Headquarters on the edge. Hurried phone calls to the Met Office are not able to provide any respite and the organisers of the puja he is supposed to inaugurate have summoned all hands on deck to

Kotwara By Meera And Muzaffar Ali bring alive the grandeur with ‘The Pearl Of The Orient’ Collection at the India Fashion Bridal Week 2013

New Delhi, July 24, 2013: Kotwara by Meera and Muzaffar Ali, an international couture brand from the House of Kotwara, is all set to launch their latest bridal collection, ‘Pearl of the Orient’ at the India Bridal Fashion Week. With this collection, Meera and Muzaffar Ali present a range of exotic bridal wear gently textured

Another sad day for Bengal: high murder at high tide in Haldia – Chawm Ganguly

ABG has been ousted. Their withdrawal will mean that the two berths they used to operate in Haldia will now go back to the days of shovels and manual labour. Productivity in terms of clearance will nosedive. The income of the port authority will plummet. Cargo ships docking into Haldia will need to spend more