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A day in the life of a digitized student – Vidit More

I had an examination in my college the other day and realised in the nth hour that my pen had run out of ink. So I walked into the neighborhood stationary shop to buy the pen and offered to pay digitally, like any other honest, law-abiding citizen. The shopkeeper could have just told me that

Post It – Genia Giri

Is Post Office Banking a way way out for financial inclusion? Demonetisation of Rs 500 and 1000 notes has brought back to sharper focus the level of Banking Penetration in the rural hinterlands of eastern India, or more specifically, the lack of it. The economy has not fully recovered from the body blow it was

What ails the Banking System? Tristha Sharma

When I first started visiting our Bank with my mother, I had met a lady behind the counter who used to stitch woolen sweaters around the year. She would sit there at her designated seat, oblivious of the world around, stitching, as though it was the most important thing in the world. As I grew up,

A customer’s manifesto – Ankit Barmecha

I want a bank (and other financial service providers) that will listen to me, respond to my queries and offer me services through the social media channels that I frequent. And I am not alone – it is estimated that by 2018 there will be about 300 million social network users in India alone. Yes,

Bank IT – banking and automation, the way forward – Aman Bubna

The news item, tucked in as it was in one innocuous corner of the newspaper, just a couple of days back, had gone largely unnoticed. Hemmed in between stories of corruption in high places and promises of El Dorado’s of every kind, it proclaimed how one of the major private sector banks had introduced on

ICAI discusses the Cost of Demonetization, launches BFSI@2016

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India organised a Discussion on the effect of Demonetization on the cost of doing business on December 21st, 2016 at the JN Bose Auditorium in its headquarters in Kolkata. The Inaugural Session of the evening was flagged off with the Welcome address, given by CMA Amit Anand Apte, the

Basav Bhattacharya takes students of 36 Chambers of CorpComm for a walk up the PR path

BESC, Kolkata 04/11/2016. Basav Bhasttacharya, veteran journalist (ex Business Standard and Economic Times), ace nature photographer and spin doctor (Senior Advisor, Integral PR & PRCAI chairperson East) visited the CorpComm@BESC and spent time interacting with the students. He spoke at length about the vocation, explaining the intricacies and the finer nuances to the students. He

Satyan Bhatt, Cofounder & MD, Prism PR talks PR with CorpComm students of BESC

Satyan Bhatt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Channai based public relations entity Prism PR ( shared his deep insight about all matters corporate communications with the students of BESC’s 3 month CorpComm course, christened 36 Chambers of Corporate Communications. He was accompanied by his comrade in arms and Prism’s co-founder, Parul Bhatt, who recounted how

From Belly-up to Ballistic: Rais Qureshi, MD, SKYLED mesmerizes BESC students

For Rais Qureshi it was a home homing of sorts. Having graduated from the college in 1996 he has, armed with a degree, dreams and little else, built up an electronics empire that literally stretches from Chandni Chowk to China. And it was this story, of sheer grit, monumental failures and spectacular successes, that he


Empretec (Part of UNCTAD) to recognize the best stalls. Kolkata, February 27th, 2016. Al-Souk an Arabian flea market is being organised by the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship  among the college students. Empretec, the entrepreneurship wing of United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) will evaluate the efforts