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This Durga puja do the Garba with the students of Bhawanipur Education – Celebrate the Dhamaal called Life! 

Garba celebrates the eternal cycles of life (the word itself can be traced back to the Sanskrit for womb) and is a tribute to Maa Ambe (another manifestation of Durga). Garba is traditionally danced in circles, symbolizing the cycle of time – birth, life, death, rebirth – with the only constant being God in the

READ! For we learned to write it: Report writing workshop by the Expressions Group, BESC- Saurav Rai

Event: Report writing workshop’15 Date: 25th August, 2015. Time: 1 pm to 2:30 pm Venue: NCR (BESC) Sweeping the unpleasant discourse of formality under the rug, presenting a workshop just as important but not as serious as the other ones, welcoming a humorous mentor who repeatedly did not give a “damn”, Expressions, the media collective,