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Huawei Unveils PowerStar Solution at HAS 2018 to Help Reduce Carbon Footprint of Mobile Communications Networks

  [New Delhi, April, 2018] At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) 2018, Huawei launched PowerStar, a new solution which aims to reduce the energy consumption of multi-mode multi-band mobile communications networks. With PowerStar on networks, typical 2G, 3G and 4G base stations will use between 10% to 15% less electricity per year, preventing around

How Sustainable is your Biryani? – Chawm Ganguly in a tête-à-tête with Chef Debasish Kundu

Ever kept your Biryani in the Fridge only to take it out and find it covered in a yucky layer of pure white obesity? Disgusting? Perhaps, but that’s the vegetable (or worse, animal) fat without which, “experts” opine, Biryani cannot get its trademark taste. You cannot cook up a Biryani without “lard” – the pure,

SXC Global Earth Summit- Valedictory Address by Rev. Fr. Dr. John Felix Raj,SJ

The Role of Higher Education on Ecology   The Jesuit zeal of spreading knowledge has often been likened to the flickering of a candle. When a candle lights another, it does not diminish its luminosity, on the contrary, it helps dispel the darkness with greater vigor. We Jesuits, have been holding the candles of enlightenment

With Carbon Xprint Bonds We Can Help Protect Our Environment One Carbon Footprint At A Time

New York, NY, November 26, 2014 – While we all want cleaner options when it comes to our environment, the investment in such has been prohibitive – until now! Environmental capitalist and financial guru Gary Keir, founder of Carbon Xprint, has a way to make a profitable investment today that will help ensure a better

Aviation Carbon Footprint Report

The Aviation Carbon Footprint report for 2011 was released on 9th October 2012. The highlights of the report are as follows: i) There is 6 percent growth in carbon emissions from 11.99 million tonnes in 2010 to 12.7 million tonnes in 2011. ii) The carbon footprint of civil aviation sector is less than 1 percent

India Releases Firstever detailed Aviation Carbon Footprint Report for 2011

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) presented today the 2011 Carbon Footprint Report for the Indian Aviation Industry, in line with India’s initiatives to address the climate change challenge.The report was released at the 49thConference of Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Asia Pacific Regions being held in New Delhi.Compiled for the first time