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Cortet by CEL Releases new E100 Gateway for Next Generation Smart Lighting Control

New Gateway and associated Cortet Certified lighting accessories enable fixture and luminaire manufacturers to design, develop, sell and service complete IoT connected commercial smart lighting solutions Santa Clara, CA – October 11, 2017 Cortet by CEL announces the new E100 Gateway – a very compact, zigbee based wireless Gateway that provides both local and IoT

Cortet™ by CEL Launches New Z10 Zigbee Extender

Easy to use, affordable and reliable device expands the size and range of zigbee networks in industrial and commercial facilities   August 1, 2017 – Santa Clara, CA   Cortet™ by CEL today announced the availability of the Cortet Z10 Range Extender (CGW-Z-010) for use in various wireless sensor network (WSN), machine-to-machine (M2M), and Internet

Cortet™ by CEL Launches New Online Resource for Lamp and Luminaire Manufacturers and Integrators

Cortet provides a comprehensive guide for Smart Building Management products and technologies   June 27, 2017 – Santa Clara, CA   Cortet™ by CEL announces a new online resource for manufacturers, integrators, installers and reseller of lighting systems, luminaires, lamps and control/management systems for industrial and office facilities, warehouses, and other large facilities.  Please visit

CEL Launches New High Power CG2409 RF Switch Family for Wireless Applications

New affordable pHEMT RF Switches provide increased data throughput, improved coverage range, and better signal quality   April 19, 2017 – SANTA CLARA, CA CEL (www.cel.com) today announced the availability of CEL CG2409 family of high power RF switches. RF switches are microwave devices that route high frequency signals through transmission paths and can be

CEL Introduces New High Performance, Low Cost RF Switches for Communication Applications

Compact and highly reliable RF switches optimize transceiver performance for a wide range of IoT, industrial, smart home, medical, automotive and RF test applications Santa Clara, CA – January 17, 2017 CEL is introducing a variety of new RF switches that have been designed as easy drop in replacements for a wide range of existing

CEL and THine introduce high performance HD video interface for industrial, machine vision, surveillance, and automotive applications

Designers can create vision systems with fewer cables and greater distances between camera head and other system elements Combined with Slip Rings, this interface technology enables OEMs to produce 360 degree HD video Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras at substantially reduced cost SANTA CLARA, CA (December 12, 2016) THine Electronics, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange/JASDAQ: 6769), a semiconductor

CEL Launches Cortet IoT Industrial Wireless Connectivity Platform

CEL Adds Voice Control and Solves the Network Latency Problem for Large Scale Lighting and Industrial Applications October 4, Santa Clara, CA CEL today announced that it has added new features for its Cortet Connectivity Suite – a turnkey wireless solution that bridges the gap between ‘things’ and the cloud.  Cortet enables building automation, lighting