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Celebrity Singer & Designer Christine Storm showcased her collection

A DIFFERENT FRAME OF MIND @ The Roseate, Aerocity New Delhi, 20th of January 2018 How does someone acquire expertise? Experience! Christine Storm has lived what she designs! A powerful singer with a bent toward high-energy rock and electronic dance pop says my songs and designs is all about an attitude that celebrates a charmed

Celebrity lies in every woman- Pinki Talukdar Gupta Mrs India Beauty Confident

Pinki Talukdar Gupta is MBA in Marketing & Advertising and an idol business professional who is sensitive towards social issues and working for different social cause. She has a substantial year of experience with leading companies as media manager and a communication professional. Other than her strict corporate professional side she is a prosperous social

AIBTM announces Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar as its first celebrity Brand Ambassador 

India, Greater Noida, June 24 2015:  Assocom Institute of Technology and Management (AIBTM) has taken a giant leap by  including Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar as a part of AIBTM family. Chef Ranveer Brar strongly recommends AIBTM to all students who are interested in making their career in Bakery Industry or even plan to open their own outlets

Doctors, Celebrity and Enunch spread the Aids Awareness on World AIDS Day “HIV GO AWAY”

Since 1998, World AIDS Day has been recognized on December 1st. The mission of World AIDS Day has been to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of the HIV infection. Organizations working with groups vulnerable to HIV/AIDS came together on December 1st for an event organized by the Chairperson of MedscapeIndia