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Post It – Genia Giri

Is Post Office Banking a way way out for financial inclusion? Demonetisation of Rs 500 and 1000 notes has brought back to sharper focus the level of Banking Penetration in the rural hinterlands of eastern India, or more specifically, the lack of it. The economy has not fully recovered from the body blow it was

Lobster Warriors salute the Chinese Wall, Goshtho Pal on the 100th year of his debut in Mohun Bagan.

“A Nation that doesn’t honour its giants” they say, “is condemned to eternal dwarf hood”. That is why, when “Chinese Wall”, the great Goshtha Pal’s 100th year of debuting in the National Club, Mohun Bagan, went virtually unsung, one was, a tad bit remorse, even sorry at the level to which our love for the

Life (or something like it) after Sharada – Chawm Ganguly

“What is going to be the socio-economic and political fallout of the Sharada fiasco” is the question that everybody seems to be asking these days. The law will certainly take its (albeit, long and arduous) course and justice will be delivered in the last reel. Politics will get murkier as the issue is pregnant with

Chit Funds, Journalism and ethics from the grave – Chawm Ganguly

The channels are spitting venom, castigating the ruling party, their predecessors (the present opposition) and the powers that be in the center – depending upon who is wearing which stilt – and the public is drinking the details of debauchery to the last lees. Then the tastefully groomed anchors ask you to stay on and

Multi level Marketers or Multifaceted talent who’s driving the Bengali Film Industry? – Chawm Ganguly

Bengali cinema is the toast of the season. Talented raconteurs have been hugely successful in attracting back the discerning audiences. Critical acclaim has been crowned with commercial successes. While budgets have soared to unthinkable levels on the one hand, low budget films too have done brisk businesses in the box office, ensuring that the industry