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Why proper Foot care is important for Diabetics

If you have diabetes and your blood sugar levels are too high, it can damage your nerves or blood vessels. Nerve damage from diabetes can cause you to lose feeling in your feet. You may not feel a cut, a blister or a sore. Blood vessels damage means that the feet does not get enough blood and oxygen. Injuries

World Parkinson’s Day

Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune launches special support group for people with Parkinson’s disease Doctors say exercise increases muscle strength, flexibility and balance in patients Pune, Pune, April 13, 2017: Ramesh (name changed), was 58 years old when he started experiencing problems in unlocking his door and typing on his computer. With time, he started experiencing

Increasing incidence of obesity and its implications on Mental Health

  Columbia Asia Hospitals, Patiala organizes health talks on obesity induced depression   Hospital also conducts awareness sessions among school children to educate them about health living and obesity prevention Patiala, 12th April 2017 : Even as India battles malnutrition, the country has developed another nutritional problem — obesity. The WHO defines obesity as abnormal

Poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyles augment risk of Tuberculosis by 50%

    Good immunity levels, adequate nutritional status & healthy living conditions can help you fight off tuberculosis, say doctors at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Pune Pune, 23rd March 2017: With over two lakh deaths attributed to it annually, tuberculosis is a major health burden in India that needs to be controlled imminently. Apart from raising awareness

World Kidney Day

You Too Can Donate: Columbia Asia Hospitals, Gurgaon Launches Campaign to Promote Organ Donation India faces acute shortage of organ donors; thousands die every year waiting for a kidney donor Gurgaon, March 9 2017: According to the National Kidney Foundation, an estimated 90,000 kidney transplants are required in India every year, though the actual number

Don’t let monsoon spoil your health!

There is a spurt in cases of dengue, malaria and conjunctivitis as rains and humidity provide ideal environment to viruses and mosquitoes to breed and grow Ahmadabad, 21st  July  2016: Monsoon sure does bring the much needed relief from the sweltering heat to the summer but it also brings its own set of problems along.

BD and Columbia Asia collaboration Diabetes Management Program

BD will equip Columbia Asia’s team of diabetes management specialists on best-in-class insulin injection technique New Delhi , July 12: Beginning this week, BD, the medical technology brand will work with diabetes management hospital professionals in Columbia Asia hospitals across India, for a period of nine months through its BD Getting Started program. The aim is to

World Asthma Day

Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad reaches out to traffic police, distributes masks to create awareness on rising asthma cases The hospital distributed  masks to traffic police to help them protect against inhaling polluted air Columbia Asia Hospital’s initiative is aimed  to create awareness and warn the traffic police personal against the increase in level of air