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Deprived sleep can lead to diabetes, say doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital

Lack of sleep is one of the potential risk factors for diabetes Eventual deprivation affects levels of hormones and metabolism Less sleep elevates the level of stress hormones, that further hinders the functioning of insulin Patiala, Nov 2015: With the raid increase in incidence of diabetes, the metabolic disorder is fast gaining the status of

Swine Flu Scare in Punjab: Wash hands, avoid crowded places, boost immunity to prevent spread, say doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala

 ·        So far, over 20 people have died due to swine flu in Punjab state, even as the virus scare spreads throughout the country   ·        Doctors also recommend vaccination for high risk groups including health workers, kids, and people with respiratory diseases   Patiala, Feb, 2015: With swine flu or H1N1 causing a renewed