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Everything you always wanted to know about CAT & GMAT but were afraid to ask … BESC

BESC pits CAT against GMAT to provide a rare insight to students about their respective efficacy Sujay Kumar Dutta is an IIT alumnus. But that is not his claim to fame. He is also one with more than a decade’s experience as a trainer who has been helping students successfully negotiate the CAT. But that

BESC Commerce Plus – the Mission to make Commerce Critical

From pre-school to PhD, we have very successfully charted a linear path for our children. We have done what Henry Ford did to automobile making – introducing the production line, where every task is streamlined, every job is specialised and where conformity is the rule, that puts one on the conveyor belt of conventionality. In

From Belly-up to Ballistic: Rais Qureshi, MD, SKYLED mesmerizes BESC students

For Rais Qureshi it was a home homing of sorts. Having graduated from the college in 1996 he has, armed with a degree, dreams and little else, built up an electronics empire that literally stretches from Chandni Chowk to China. And it was this story, of sheer grit, monumental failures and spectacular successes, that he

Umang – the signature fest of Bhawanipur Education Society College does its annual Phoenix

Listed as one of Asia’s Top 5 College Events It all began with noted film producer and director Sandip Ray. with actors June Maliah and Abir Chatterjee in tow, formally inaugurating the Journey to the Future – Umang 2015. Expressing his amazement at the sheer depth and variety of events that were lined up across

Bhawanipur Education Society College, BESC – scripting the Greatest Turnaround Story of the East

Bhawanipur Education Society College, BESC – scripting the Greatest Turnaround Story of the East Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow in an incubator of excellence called Commerce+ It was never what one would call a center for educational excellence. Rather a transit camp where “not-so-bright” students in general and especially from a particular community spent a

Shri Shikshayatan gets CBSE status

Kolkata, May 22, 2014:  In the year 1954, Shri Shikshayatan School was established up to class X. Due to the selfless service and the contribution of the erstwhile and present Trustees, the School now runs on a sprawling campus with Primary section, Secondary Section and Higher Secondary section, Auditorium and, Labs. It has made the