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Record EUR 1 billion European Investment Bank support for global solar investment confirmed ahead of International Solar Alliance summit

Largest ever backing for solar investment by world’s largest international public bank India leading country for EIB solar investment Strengthened engagement for solar energy in developing and emerging economies expected In 2017 the European Investment Bank provided EUR 1.05 billion of new financing for solar energy projects around the world, representing the largest ever annual

First Quarter 2017 Results: adidas records strong start into the year FY 2017 outlook confirmed

Herzogenaurach, May 4, 2017    Major developments in Q1 2017: Currency-neutral revenues increase 16% Gross margin declines 0.2pp as a result of anticipated FX headwind Operating margin improves 0.9pp to 11.1% Net income from continuing operations grows 30% to € 455 million Basic EPS from continuing and discontinued operations up 29% to € 2.26  

Vera Rubin Who Confirmed “Dark Matter” Dies

Washington, DC–Renowned astrophysicist and National Medal of Science awardee Vera Rubin passed away in Princeton N.J., the evening of December 25, 2016, at the age of 88. Rubin confirmed the existence of dark matter—the invisible material that makes up more than 90% of the mass in the universe. She was a retired staff astronomer at

Very Distant Galaxy Cluster Confirmed

Pasadena, CA— The structures and star populations of massive galaxies appear to change as they age, but much about how these galaxies formed and evolved remains mysterious. Many of the oldest and most massive galaxies reside in clusters, enormous structures where numerous galaxies are found concentrated together. Galaxy clusters in the early universe are thought