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SXC Global Earth Summit- Valedictory Address by Rev. Fr. Dr. John Felix Raj,SJ

The Role of Higher Education on Ecology   The Jesuit zeal of spreading knowledge has often been likened to the flickering of a candle. When a candle lights another, it does not diminish its luminosity, on the contrary, it helps dispel the darkness with greater vigor. We Jesuits, have been holding the candles of enlightenment

50 things you can do to arrest climate change and global warming – Chawm Ganguly

As the debate over climate change and global warming heats up (no pun intended), the world is increasingly getting divided between: the “so-called” perpetrators and the sufferers. With voices from both sides becoming shriller, the basic facts are beginning to bet buried, our focus shifting from the necessary to the tinsel. Global Warming and Climate