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Advertising Mistakes Banks Commit – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

We trust them with our life’s savings. We pay for their services, often through our noses. And, it is the money that they make off us, that is used to pay for those glossy ad’s that stare at you from the magazines, hoardings and television commercials. Naturally, the least that we can do, as loyal

It’s an Ad, Mad World! – Anup Kumar Agarwalla

I routinely meet people who try to convince me that what I do for a living – help create dreams that my clients match their goods and services with – is really of no real consequence. That advertising, seldom if ever, create tomes that outlive even their purpose, forget about testing eternity. I will not

How Azure is the Advertising Sky in Kolkata?

The Multi Nationals, whose retainers had once fostered some of the most talented agencies in Kolkata have long gone. Entities that claim to have filled the void left by them, have not lived up to either their exacting standards or their willingness to reward creative work. Naturally, advertising as one understood it, is as dead