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A day in the life of a digitized student – Vidit More

I had an examination in my college the other day and realised in the nth hour that my pen had run out of ink. So I walked into the neighborhood stationary shop to buy the pen and offered to pay digitally, like any other honest, law-abiding citizen. The shopkeeper could have just told me that

Post It – Genia Giri

Is Post Office Banking a way way out for financial inclusion? Demonetisation of Rs 500 and 1000 notes has brought back to sharper focus the level of Banking Penetration in the rural hinterlands of eastern India, or more specifically, the lack of it. The economy has not fully recovered from the body blow it was

What ails the Banking System? Tristha Sharma

When I first started visiting our Bank with my mother, I had met a lady behind the counter who used to stitch woolen sweaters around the year. She would sit there at her designated seat, oblivious of the world around, stitching, as though it was the most important thing in the world. As I grew up,

Bank IT – banking and automation, the way forward – Aman Bubna

The news item, tucked in as it was in one innocuous corner of the newspaper, just a couple of days back, had gone largely unnoticed. Hemmed in between stories of corruption in high places and promises of El Dorado’s of every kind, it proclaimed how one of the major private sector banks had introduced on

Top 5 College Fests of Kolkata

Oh OK, the disclaimer. I am a BE-ite, a proud one at that and therefore, I am biased, towards Bhawanipur Education and towards Umang – not that it really matters, Umang, being what it is, would have topped the charts, in any way. Now that it is almost mid-December, the Fest Season is just about

The Sky, is not the limit for SKYLED, it is the destination – Md. Rais Qureshi

Md. Rais Qureshi, the young and indomitable CEO of Sky LED an alumnus of the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) met up with Tristha Sharma, Preiti Jalan and Jenia Giri, students of Corporate Communications of the college. Despite his hectic schedule, Qureshi answered all the queries that the budding communicators had for him, going to

HECTRONIC: Think economically, act ecologically – Kishan Khandelia

Being a global leader in intelligent fuelling management solutions, environment protection is a tradition at Hectronic. However it contributes not only ecologically but also to the financial gain of its customers through considerable savings of energy and long lasting quality products.  Hectronic solutions are a blend of german engineering and swiss precision. It offers engineering

General Motors celebrates World Environment Day

  ~Organizes PUC drives across dealerships in association with SIAM~ ~Lake and Lake Maintenance Awareness in Bangalore ~ ~Wildlife Preservation and Tree Plantation Drive in Pune~   June 8, 2016: This World Environment Day, automobile giant General Motors will be organizing various activities related to environment safety and conservation with a pledge to spread awareness

#PRBuddies of the World Unite – You have nothing to lose but your Release and a whole new Client to win! 

    #PRBuddies of the World Unite – You have nothing to lose but your Release and a whole new Client to win! We are the Sultans of the Swing. We are the Spin Doctors. We are the Communicators par excellence. We are the weavers of the Webs that build and sustain the brands that our Clients boast of. We are your friendly

PR is a Three Card Game – Chawm Ganguly

Everything you always wanted to know about PR – but didn’t know whom to ask (Basav Bhattachayya, the Chairperson of PRCAI (East) and the Senior Adviser at Integral PR was adamant. I will have to make a presentation about Corporate Communications / PR – that too as someone who has felt the PR and the