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Pawan Ruia, Cost Accountancy, and every Mother’s recipe for Inclusive Growth : Chawm Ganguly

Mumbai, Oct 25th, 2013. The Y.B. Chavan Auditorium is packed much before the scheduled start of the day’s proceedings. Practicing Cost Accountants, some of them stalwarts of the industry in their own right and students alike are awaiting the beginning of the days Symposium – “Cost Audit for Inclusive Growth”, Organized by the Western India

Men Who Matter : Pawan Kumar Ruia

Pipri, 21 KMs from Renukoot, in Uttar Pradesh. Call it the back of beyond, or the edge of the Hindi heartland, this idyllic town with its pristine environs has made its way into the corporate folklore of India. For, it was here that the irreplaceable Pawan Kumar Ruia, the single handed creator of the Ruia