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Disrupting Industries – Is This the Last Time You Use Your Credit Card

Which industries are ripe for disruption? It is often difficult to imagine how something will disrupt an industry because it may seem that the industry is already functioning with no problems. However, industries that are ripe for disruption share some characteristics. Fragmented Industries The first character of an industry ready to be disrupted is that it is

Pay Your Implants Crypto: Dentacoin Now Official Means of Payment at Dentamed 

February 13th, 2018: Dentacoin is now accepted means of payment for dental implants made by one of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers – Bredent. The supplier of Bredent implants – Dentamed – has an online shop for international deliveries with blockchain integrated functionalities and payments available only in Dentacoin! By implementing Dentacoin as the

Arklign Goes Crypto: State-of-the-Art Dental Laboratory Implements Dentacoin

February 12th, 2018: Dentacoin made a significant breakthrough towards its wider acceptance within the industry as it started partnering with Arklign Laboratories, a state-of-the-art full service dental laboratory, based in San Jose, California.   Arklign: Transforming the Dental Lab Experience Arklign is an innovative company, uniquely positioned as an end-to-end partner for dental service providers.

New York City Dental Practices Park South Dentistry, Group Health Dental and Gramercy Dental Center Accept Dentacoin

January 31, 2018: We are thrilled to introduce three new Manhattan-based Dentacoin partner clinics: Group Health Dental, Gramercy Dental Center and Park South Dentistry. Group Health Dental, Midtown Manhattan, NYC Group Health Dental ( ), located in the heart of Times Square, features a talented team of general dentists, Endodontists, Periodontists and dental support professionals. 

Dentacoin Announces Strategic Partnership with PCP Dental Recruitment, United Kingdom

January 25th, 2018: The Netherlands based Blockchain startup Dentacoin announces partnership with one of the fastest growing dental recruitment agencies in the UK: PCP Dental Recruitment. PCP Dental Recruitment works with NHS, mixed and private practices in order to help them find dental nurses, hygienists/therapists, dentists, dental receptionists and practice managers. The Managing Director Rahim

Another European clinic accepts Dentacoin: CONTIDENT, Hungary

The transition period 2017-2018 has marked a significant progress for Dentacoin. For a little more than a month (since Dec 1, 2017), the Dentacoin user network has grown tremendously with over 3500 newly registered users on the Dentacoin tools. The market responded to the current developments with a series of achievements: Dentacoin reached a new

First Clinic in Taiwan  to Accept Dentacoin: Mr. iTeeth, Taipei City

Mr. iTeeth is an innovative dental practice specialized in prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and implantology. Modern open dental treatment rooms, designed with comfort in mind, maximize patient flow and allow for more efficient visits. The six dental specialists at Mr. iTeeth aim at providing excellent customer service and pay significant attention on educating patients on variety

Cryptocurrency Value: Beginners’ mistakes that almost everyone makes 

Bitcoin has profited from the PERCEPTION that it is scarce, but that perception is WRONG Disclaimer: The market is still learning about cryptocurrencies, and so it’s not surprising that someone with no formal training in Economics will make some beginners’ mistakes.  Serious students of financial systems will spot them and correctly allocate resources toward blockchains

Dentacoin Participated in the 7th International Scienific-Practical Conference Digital Economy in Perm, Russia

On November 21st -22nd the Founder of Dentacoin Prof. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, PhD together with Co-Founder and Core Developer Jeremias Grenzebach attended the 7th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Digital Economy: New Competences, Organizations and Governance” held in Perm State National Research Polytechnic University, Russia. The conference is a highly respected event, initiated by the Perm Government, the Institute of Economics, the Ural

Why Old School Valuation Does Not Apply to Cryptocurrency. 4 Reasons Dentacoin is a Bargain

  Cryptocurrencies have redefined investment classes.  There is a strong financial argument that these digital coins are unlike cash, stocks, bonds, hard assets or real estate and have established themselves as a distinct asset class.  They have added the option for another portfolio element to be added to a diversified investment strategy. As a distinct