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Suzlon- Hurtling downhill : Dheer Kothari

Suzlon Energy today is sadly an apology for its exalted status (at least till the all-encompassing bear phase of 2008 started separating the men from the boys). The company is desperately cutting corners, not necessarily deadwood, which it claims will help “…in reduction of opex (operational expenditure) and working capital intensity (read requirement) as well

Fund managers need more leeway to make RGESS viable – Dheer Kothari

The Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) is in for an overhaul even before it has taken off. Obviously, in its present avatar, it leaves a lot to be desired and is a non-starter. Union finance minister P Chidambaram has already declared that he would make the scheme more attractive for first time investors. To make the

Beware slow moving stocks – Dheer Kothari

Bargain hunting is a normal exercise which investors do to pick value at basement prices so that maximum returns can be derived over a period of time. This is normal behavior for any buyer of goods and services. When picking stocks it is worth remembering that while many value stocks become undervalued in depressed markets

Who cares fore for the investors – SEBI or the Exchanges? Dheer Kothari

BSE and NSE, two premier stock exchanges of the country, have done precious little to establish regular communication channels with each other despite clear indications in the past that it can have disastrous consequences for market integrity and investor protection. We have still not forgotten how ‘freak’ trades on NSE by a broking firm had

Risks of excessive trading – Dheer Kothari

Trading on the stock market is like a double-edged sword. If it works you mint money, if it doesn’t you lose a cash pile and peace of mind! This is particularly so in volatile markets. The opportunity or temptation to make a quick buck is maximum when the markets are volatile. You must have heard

Fastest ways to make money in the market – Dheer Kothari

Making money, and big time, is what the dreams of millions are made of. It is easier said than done. The path to success in the stock market is laden with pitfalls. Those who succeed are the ones who know when to check their greed and when to overcome their fears. There is lot of

Tax saving mutual fund schemes to opt for in 2013 – Dheer Kothari

Equity-linked saving schemes (ELSS) provide the twin benefits of tax savings and capital appreciation and are a good investment option for both conservative and aggressive investors. A few schemes which can be considered for investments in 2013 have performed well both in the short and long term. Out of the three funds reviewed here: the

What’s brewing at FDC? – Dheer kothari

Are owners of FDC Ltd, one of the steadiest pharma companies in the midcap space, looking for an exit option? A report in the Economic Times dated December 24, 2012 seems to convey this impression. The promoters of FDC have been trying to buy back shares from the stock market for the last couple of years and at

Honeywell does a triple jump encore on the Indian bourses – Dheer Kothari

Normally, Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL) stock (formerly Tata Honeywell) is as quiet as a sleepy little hamlet. Total shares traded are normally in the range of a couple of thousands at best. But in the last one month it has done, to borrow a term from athletic jargon, a ‘triple jump’ or a hop, step and

How did markets fare in 2012? Dheer Kothari

December 17, 2012 As 2012 draws to a close, it would be useful to analyse what moved the markets during the year and which sectors performed better than the rest. More importantly, what lies in store in the forthcoming year as far as market direction is concerned? Interestingly, in the current year markets have bounced