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Cisco announces strategic initiatives and innovative collaborations to accelerate digitization in India

Next Phase of Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) initiatives on accelerating innovation & entrepreneurship, 5G use cases for citizen services, and transportation modernization   New Delhi, September 14th, 2018 – Cisco today announced the next phase of initiatives under its ‘Country Digital Acceleration’ or CDA program, whereby Cisco works with countries across the world to accelerate

Beyond Connectivity 2013 concludes with a call for a region-wide collaborative approach to accelerate the pace of “Digitization”

Importance of devising and implementing plans to achieve digital excellence and maximize revenues and boost industry growth highlighted CEO Live Session highlighted the need for changing Operator business models and building innovation Dubai – UAE, March 07, 2013: Earlier today, SAMENA Telecommunications Council, the tri-regional non-profit telecommunications association successfully concluded its two-day annual “Beyond Connectivity