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industry and unions jointly call for action on steel industry crisis

Brussels,  November 2015 – The European Steel Association (EUROFER) and industriAll European Trade Union today issued a joint call for action by policy makers to ward off further job losses in the sector. The call comes as ministers meet today for an extraordinary Competitiveness Council, held in reaction to a slew of announcements from industry

Commission proposal on EU Emissions Trading Scheme jeopardises steel production, jobs and growth in Europe

Brussels, 15 July 2015 – The European Steel Association (EUROFER) today reacted to the official publication of the Commission proposal on the revision on the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). The industry calls on EU policy makers to ensure that the proposal is adjusted in order to fully offset direct and indirect carbon costs

Steel industry seriously concerned over earlier introduction of Market Stability Reserve in 2019

Council and European Parliament must now take responsibility and provide robust safeguards against carbon leakage   The European Parliament and the EU Council came to an agreement over the Commission proposal for a Market Stability Reserve (MSR) in a meeting yesterday evening 5th May. The reserve will be introduced earlier than originally proposed by the

EU climate policy may cost the steel industry 100 billion Euros

Commission proposals for 2030 climate targets miss provisions to safeguard globally competing European companies “The European steel industry is ready to support ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets so that the EU can adequately contribute to global efforts in the fight against climate change. However, we are surprised that while the Commission has already proposed a

Commission proposals on energy and climate are the road to de-industrialisation

EU Commission adopts package on energy and climate framework up to 2030 and on an industrial renaissance “The Commission proposals on energy and climate up to 2030 will do nothing to promote an industrial renaissance, rather they will accelerate the de-industrialisation which is already underway” says Gordon Moffat, Director General of EUROFER. there is a