Dr. Anas Al Kassem Archive

 Groundbreaking Project In Syria Provides Solar Power For Hospitals And Saves Live

  May 29, 2017 Toronto, ON- UOSSM launches the ‘Syria Solar’ Initiative on May 29, 2017, after 10 weeks of installation and months of testing and monitoring. The 480-panel pilot project is the first of its kind in Syria, and was designed to stabilize electricity in hospitals in Syria. UOSSM installed 480 solar photovoltaic panels

Doctors Warn of Intensifying Airstrikes on Syrian Hospitals

  Toronto, ON- Ahead of the Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the region, Syrian doctors have released a new report documenting a major increase in airstrikes on Syrian hospitals and medical facilities in opposition-held areas. The study, issued by the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, examines the conditions of 107 hospitals in northern and southern

Measles Outbreak in Ghouta and 5 Hospital Attacks in 9 Days

Toronto, ON-  There has been an alarming rise in cases of the measles in Ghouta, Syria.  According to EWARN, there have been 121 cases in the past two months, compared to 50 cases in the past two years. Several areas throughout Syria remain under heavy siege. Two doctors were killed and hospitals are constantly being